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  • Live Thread 5/16

    Valentin and Nina he tells her about a vacation he has thier
    bags packed. Nina is like tonight
    Robin arrives at Anna house.

    Robert in some kind of dingy room like a basement of something
    he is lucid and says there has to be way outta here.

    Sam outside Peter office door then she walks off as we see
    Peter with the lighter at his desk Maxie comes in ready for the ball
    in a sparkly silver dress Peter has something fo rher.

    Lucy worrying about wardrobe malfunctions and other issue
    at the ball. talking to Llama

    Guy hosting the red carpet. Franco wants to take the next
    segment. the host lets him. as Liz walks in wearing a patterned
    dress. The host takes the microphone back.

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    Franco thanks the host for letting him do that.

    Lucy fussing to Olivia about the tables.

    Jason says Nelle is lying. Sonny says I understand why you want
    to believe that but Carly has been unraveling for weeks. Jason says
    gotta go will be in touch.

    Dr. Bensch give Kiki a list of files she needs to pull for tomorrow
    wants them by 7:00 get a call from Molly, says she likely can;t make
    it to the NB. Dr.. Bensch is listening.

    Finn dreessed for the ball. Alexis in a black dress. She thanks
    him for being her date.

    NinA in a red dress she says she will think about it the trip
    but has to go rightn now

    Robin in a gold lame drewss. She wonders about the case
    Anna is working on.

    Peter gives Maxie he saw this and thought of her. It is
    a necklace. She says this is beautiful it is too much but I learned
    never to return jewlery. He puts it on her.


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      Thank You Jacaled, I still am not hooked up to TV yet.


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        Thanks jackaled.................


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          Nina joins for hosting duties. Oscar and Joss in a pink dress
          nice dress. picture posinbg

          Random couple arrives

          Jason talks to Spin at the ball talk of Carly Jason says we
          need to examine eacho of Carly claim to figure out how Nelle
          set her up

          Stella arrives at Sonnys Mike comes out and flatters Stella.
          Stella has to go to the ball. Mike says to Sonny we have to go.
          Sonny says we are not going. Mike says I still have my tux

          Jordan in a burgundy dress with Curtis.

          Olivia forgot that the chef had the night off as she talks to
          Carla from The Chew.

          Jason arrives at Anna's see Robin they greet each other. Jason
          tells Robin good spending time with your mom this case has been
          crazy. He worries your mom is really fixated on Henrick Faison/
          Robin is like should I be worried. Jason say stay close.

          Maxie walks the carpet with Peter. Peter gazed adoringly at her as
          Maxie talks to a reporter. They walk the red carpet. Valentin walks
          out and has a WTH look on his face.


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            Valentin and Nina on the red carpet Peter and Valentin give
            each other looks.

            Robert laying on the sofa as he notices something

            anna is weraring THAT to the NB a pants suit Purple top
            with black pants. Jason mentions Henrick doesn;t want her
            to walk into a trap.

            Spin comes to Maxie notices Peter he didn;t want MAxie
            to go alone.

            Dr. Bensch say Kiki should go to the ball. go enjoy herself.
            Kiki smiles and thanks him.

            Olivia is begging Carla

            Sam on the red carpet with a low cut Red and Navy (or black)
            dress as Alexis and Finn arrive Nina asks about the award
            Alexis is getting.

            Anna and Robin arrive Anna trips and Finn catches her.


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              such good reading in the afternoon, thank you so much


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                Finn gets back to Alexis

                Sonny can;t believe his wife is in jail. He can;t put on Tux
                go to ball. Stella says nothing you can do for your wife tonight
                but something you can do for your father. Mike comes down in
                his tux Mike says this beautiful woman (Stella) is my date.

                Anna and Robin walk the red carpet. Host says you are why we
                are here. Anna says we are here so other can live thier lives as
                fufulling as Robin and hopefully one day find cure.

                Franco and Liz

                Spin waves at Sam and Spin drags maxie away from Peter
                to do find a chair. Sam and Peter talk as Curtis watches.

                Olivia begging Carly this Nurses Ball can;t have them starve
                Carla sasy she will do it. You swear that you will never step foot
                in the Q kitchen again.

                Kiki and shiny pink dress.

                Griffin and Ava arrive Ava in black dress. This must be the year
                for sparkles..

                Sam looks at the stage by herself..

                Jasam song as JAson comes along and notices her. HE tells
                her she looks beautiful she says you are not coming I was hoping
                you would. Jason gave a donation. talk of henrick. He says she
                really does look beautiful.


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                  Joss and Oscar saying ILYs

                  Robin and Liz say hi and hug. talk. Robin is happy for her and Franco.

                  Kiki talks with Ava and Griffin.

                  Maxie introduces PEter and Robin and mentions Robin dad
                  is Robert.

                  Valentin talking to Anna.

                  Robert holding his arm he collapses.

                  Carla says those are terms. Olivia agrees. She will never
                  step foot in Q kitchen.

                  Mike and Sonny and Stella arrive red carpet. Stella in sparkly
                  black dress. Sonny mentions Stone. as they talk to the host.
                  Mike takes picture with Stella he is enjoying him self as Sonny
                  watches and smiles Stella bring Sonny to take pic with his father.


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                    Lucy walke the red carpet with her llama

                    Robin see Sonny they hug.

                    Jordan and Curtis didn;t know Stella would be there.

                    Alexis and Finn talking nerves. He says she got this.

                    Dr. Bensch arrives at the ball talks to Kiki

                    Valentin on the phone.

                    Robert on the floor passed out.

                    Sonny talks to Olivia.

                    Oscar and Joss go in the ball room

                    Everyone seated and clapping

                    The End


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                      thanks so much, Jackaled


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                        Great read. Thank you, Jackaled and Karmasita for the or later


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                          - Julian to Kim... u.. Look spectacular....

                          - Curtis to, u plan on sticking around the whole night...

                          - Chase to Jordan...yeah, I, uh, hope I didn’t ruin a surprise or anything...

                          - Finn visiting Anna and Robin’s table, to Anna... will u be entertaining us this evening...

                          - Sam to herself...ok, Peter, let’s see what u r hiding...

                          - Peter to Valentin...I’m gonna deal with Anna DeVane myself...


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                            FYI: Carla Hall is Cook II. All scenes took place in the Q mansion between Olivia and Carla.


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