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50 Years Ago, The Edge of Night came to a climatic end


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  • 50 Years Ago, The Edge of Night came to a climatic end

    On this day and date 50 years ago December 3,1971 on The Edge of Night, one of the most memorable storylines came to a climatic end. The Keith Whitney/Jonah Lockwood storyline when Keith was attempting to drop Laurie Ann Karr off a high turret, the same place he pushed and killed his uncle Dr. Charles Weldon six months earlier. When Laurie found out that Keith was disguised as Jonah Lockwood, he attempted to kill her. Laurie survived because Keith’s mother Geraldine came out to the Whitney summer estate to plead with Keith to get help when she realized he had killed 5 people. While Keith was attempting to kill Laurie, he tripped and fell down the turret stairs to his death.

    . This was The Edge of Night’s one of the most memorable storylines in the show’s history.

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    i LOVED the Whitneys..it was so cleaver when they brought Jonah on with beard and hair and then KEITH and no one knew he was Jonah..those days of great storylines are gone forever. Another storyline that was also a favorite of mine was the STEPHANY MARTIN MURDER


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      I loved Schuy and Raven so much and my favorite was when they were on their honeymoon in St Moritz, and he was going to push her out of the ski lift, but couldn't because he had fallen for her. Those two had such playful chemistry.


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        I was in junior high then, Raven was very forgiving regarding a hubby that once wanted her dead.

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      It actually ended in 1984 running from 1956 to 1984 .It's actually one I think could have gone on they had a lot of good mysteries and suspense. I know the ratings went down and some affiliates dropped it but it was one of the more interesting soap operas. Dark Shadows however did end in 1971 .


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