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Two Scoops for week of 8/29: DAYS-jà vu, by Tony S


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  • mahdi
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Mar 2004
    • 26878

    ARTICLE: Two Scoops for week of 8/29: DAYS-jà vu, by Tony S

    Marlena managed to hold onto her title as "Queen of the Kidnapped!" Sweetness has been abducted, too. Stephanie's made some suspect choices, while Gwen claims she's innocent. Eric and Nicole are yearning for one another but can't be together. Roman and Kate reconciled! And Abe's running for office. Does any of this sound familiar!? Let's sort out the similar in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

    DAYS-jà vu (DAYS Two Scoops Commentary for August 29, 2022) | Soap Central

    Moderator: DAYS Forum, soapcentral.com

    Questions? Comments? Please email me.
  • cc from PA
    • Nov 2007
    • 4839

    Sometimes I don’t get some of his comments. What does he mean when he was talking about Stephanie, and he said it was like “Celine Dion ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’ memories of ‘Sunroof Steph’ have returned?

    Same with when he was praising Chloe for trying to set Nicole straight about Eric, he said “Chloe made a rare out of the blue mid-episode appearance.” Huh? Chloe only appears mid episode????


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