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What if the devil choose Henry instead?


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  • Nick Fallon fan
    Senior Board Member
    • Jul 2021
    • 1899

    What if the devil choose Henry instead?

    Now the devil wanted to take over baby Bo body and soul so it can be it permanent host on earth, and he wanted a resurrected Charlie Dale to raise him, now what if he had chosen Henry instead? Would Charlie had agreed to let the devil take over his son’s body as long as he gets to raise him? I don’t think so, what do you guys think?
  • pnorbert2222
    Day Player
    • Jul 2006
    • 9269

    I would have liked the devil story better if the devil was after Henry. I mean I can't stand Allie any more than I can Ben & Ciara but that would have given Charlie a better reason to be involved.


    • DuckDeadeye
      DuckDeadeye commented
      Editing a comment
      It seemed to me that the devil was in search of a newborn soul.
      Henry doesn't fill that bill.


    • Nick Fallon fan
      Nick Fallon fan commented
      Editing a comment
      Obviously the devil wanted a newborn baby, but they still could’ve made him go after Henry if they wanted to

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