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Missing Baby Debuts on DAYS


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  • LujackLvr
    Recurring Poster
    • Oct 2004
    • 367

    Missing Baby Debuts on DAYS

    I have watched DAYS OF OUR LIVES since Summer, 1987. [My mother has watched DAYS from the beginning; I asked her how far back she remembers watching and she says, "Wasn't Julie involved in something where a scar crossed her face for a while?""] My favorite DAYS storylines are Jack & Jennifer's entire love story; John & Marlena's love story and Ben & Ciara's love story. I will admit that I stopped watching DAYS the first time Marlena was possessed (I just couldn't sit through it 20-25? yrs ago] and nor that I have technology assistance [TiVo, DVR, etc.], I find that it's easier to blast through storylines I don't like and focus on the actors [John Aniston, Lamon Archey, Lindsay Arnold, Matthew Ashford, Mary Beth Evans, Billy Flynn, Jackee Harry, Vincent Irizarry, Marci Miller, Stephen Nichols, James Reynolds, Suzanne Rogers, Sal Stowers, etc.] I do like [I'm sure I've blanked on a few]...

    I don't understand DAYS' tradition of not showing the births of much-longed for children [starting, it seems, with not letting Jennifer being with Jack when she gave birth to Jack, Jr. [J.J.] alone on a beach with Patrick Lockhart[?] as her coach. Then they were reunited in the rain [I will admit that I cried my lazy eyes out while watching that, cuing up "All I Have" sniffling and HONK!-ing away, muttering to myself about "Why couldn't they be together like Jack was for Abby's birth?" grumble grumble grumble.

    Years later, that beautiful young man named Ben Weston shows up to terrorize Abigail Deveraux DiMera [becoming, it was later revealed, a serial killer, after murdering three people] while Ciara Alice Brady happens upon Ben's cabin after wrecking her beloved dad Bo's motorcycle and Ciara sees through Ben's psychosis and sees that he is better on medication he has run out of so she makes sure Ben can access the correct medicine and remember to stay on it if he wants to maintain a successful life. After Ben & Ciara marry and are able to be together, they debate whether or not to have children, consulting doctors, psychiatrists and family before deciding to go ahead with trying to conceive, ultimately having a son, which the audience does not see until days later, when little Baby Bo is surrounded in a circle by a flaming pentagram set by Ciara's cousin, Alice Caroline Brady (aka Allie).

    I realize that DAYS OF OUR LIVES is "just a TV show," but many viewers [long-time as well as relatively new] enjoy it and I would miss it and the characters if it were gone.
    Last edited by mahdi; May 14, 2022, 12:38 PM. Reason: Removed uncloaked spoiler discussion
  • Nick Fallon fan
    Senior Board Member
    • Jul 2021
    • 1899

    I’m sorry but I really dislike Abby right now, I will be glad to see her DIE although I know it won’t lasts for too long


    • dee2
      I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
      • Dec 2015
      • 9706

      Bo and Hope's two children were shown at birth, but Ciara was not. I would have liked to have seen Ciara as a baby. I loved
      her when she was a few months old, up til a little girl and the first Sorased Ciara. This Ciara now I don't care for, but there aren't
      a lot of babies, little kid characters that I liked, that I like when Sorased.

      I guess there isn't budget enough or interest enough to show real babies a lot, so blankets over dolls suffice, but that is
      not interesting. They did show Ciara's baby, but how many others will be shown is a question.


      • magoo1000
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Aug 2009
        • 18754

        Covid is another reason to not have real babies on set at the moment.


        • DayRose
          I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
          • Oct 2020
          • 9553

          I think Covid might be part of the reason.


          • DuckDeadeye
            Day Player
            • Jan 2021
            • 1340

            Yet they showed this new baby. A couple of times.



            • tiff5555
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Jul 2007
              • 61573

              Ben was interested in Abby and was into her back at late 2014. Abby was in this relationship at first....or more because she wanted to forget about EJ DiMera. They had a hot fling. When EJ still wanted his fiance/wife Sami, Abby begged him to forget about Sami, but he said no. Later when with Ben, Chad, her ex, shows up and she gets confused. She hides her feelings for Chad up to 2015. Then she and Chad have sex in the DiMera gardens. Eventually Ben sees it for himself later, and that's when he snaps! It's how he became a serial killer. The only person who actually saves Ben, is Ciara herself! She becomes intrigued by him when she gets into a motorcycle crash. This was I think in 2017 or 2018. The rest is history.

              Anyway, we can tell now how grand CIN really is.
              Last edited by tiff5555; May 17, 2022, 11:47 AM.


              • dee2
                dee2 commented
                Editing a comment
                So, anyone who knows, or sees the person they love cheating on them, it's ok to become a
                SK, and to try to frame someone else, because they can then spend a couple of years getting
                therapy and taking medicine and they can go right back into the society they were in, as the hero.

                Good to know, for want to be SKs.
            • cookie222
              Soap Addict
              • Oct 2005
              • 7167

              We didn’t see EJ as a baby?
              Stefano didn’t raise EJ
              Susan and her husband did EJ was full grow man when he came to Salem.


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