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Craig is not coming out...he came out.


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  • Craig is not coming out...he came out.

    Craig's s/l is sorta bothering me, I get it, the actor is gay in real life, so why not put him in a s/l that highlights this topic. The actor however has only been in what?, a handful of episodes thus far and he's already announcing he's gay. This is far from the tradirional "coming out" storyline I was expecting.

    This bothers me for several reasons. First off, we are being told that this is a never been done before story, which couldn't be anymore inaccurate. Second, "coming out" stories take " time" to play out(this story is all over the place as to the "when" Craig realised he was gay). I don't like how Nancy comes across in this story, and in my mind, there is no one that fits the bill to be a believable lover to Craig. This storyline seems one note, it needs a little spicing up.

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    I think the part of the story that hasn't been done before is that he is gay in real life and also the man who has been cast as his lover.


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      he end up with someone else later


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        Remember Bruce Jenner....it's something like this to the public, because the public never knew.


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          This story is news and never done before , an adult man, a grandfather who comes out after several years of marriage, it has never been done on a soap opera.


          • RK79
            RK79 commented
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            This! Exactly! This has never been done before!

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