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    And why not it’s been Sami and Lucas for years


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      Originally posted by Mollyanna View Post

      No one would think he would but a bunch of us, even us die hard Lumi fans have been saying that since Day 1.
      It would still be shocking to casual fans, but it only makes Lucas look horrible. Sami is a grown woman, she doesn't need to be protected from the father of her two kids and putting it mildly but when Sami found out EJ cheated with Abby she did worse to him. She help put him in jail, she kicked him out, she changed the family photo, she sold a family painting for millions, she took over the Dimera company and more and etc. lol


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        Sami was kidnapped at Rafe's door thus the necklace found by Gabi and Ava who then through jabs accusing the other's man of being unfaithful with one saying it could be Nicole's and the other Kate's. Sami was last scene arriving at Rafe's door. So the necklace is either Sami's or the kidnapper's. If the kidnapper's then we're looking at a Female.


        • JackandJenfan
          JackandJenfan commented
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          EJ gave Sami the necklace.

        • Milkshake24
          Milkshake24 commented
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          right...makes sense I missed that.. Has anyone recognized it as hers yet? I don't think she was followed so guessing it's someone with reason to be at Rafe's house at the time. Kristen looking for Ava, Nicole looking for Rafe etc

        • tiff5555
          tiff5555 commented
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          The necklace is with Gabi, lol! It was fallen to the ground when Sami was kidnapped. Somehow Gabi or Jake must have found it....

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        Originally posted by CADY View Post
        According to SOD's interview with Alison-----Sami will find a way to escape and grab the phone from the guard keeping her hostage. She's almost a free lady, but runs into a problem with one of the doors in the building. She fears the guard will wake up angry. She calls Allie with his cell phone. Allie is with Lucas, and puts him on the phone with Sami. Allie & Lucas put their thinking caps on and find a way to get to Sami.

        The person who had her kidnapped will be a real shock! I have an idea who that person is. Most likely the same person who will rescue her. Time will tell.
        So was it the same person who rescued her?


        • cookie222
          cookie222 commented
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          Know one knows for sure yet

        • Jj1701
          Jj1701 commented
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          I know, but it sounded like CADY had a bit of insight as to who it might be. And now that Lucas has rescued her.... does she think it's Lucas who kidnapped her?

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