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SOD Spoilers for the week of September 27 to October 1


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  • everafter
    Board Regular
    • Oct 2004
    • 840

    SPOILER! SOD Spoilers for the week of September 27 to October 1

    Spoilers for the week of September 27 - October 1

    Monday, September 27
    Doug can't communicate with Eli

    Tuesday, September 28
    Phillip and Chloe have another romantic moment

    Wednesday, September 29
    Abigail tells Jack she doubts Gwen's story

    Thursday, September 30
    Marlena has a strange dream
    John has disappointing news for Johnny
    EJ and Lucas have a tense encounter

    Friday, October 1
    John gets a warning
    Ben tells Tripp about his fears

    No dates
    Brady is suspicious of Jake.
    Gwen and Xander want to hire Justin.
    Ava has a chance to make Gabi look bad.

    Source: SOD
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Sep 2006
    • 13959

    Abigail tells Jack she doubts Gwen's story? Thanks,Captain Obvious...Now if you know the big secret tell Jack...Go yell it out on a mountain top to echo the big Liars secret throughout the village of Salem...Do something to move this miserable story along... Then smack her.
    Last edited by DAYDREAMER; September 24, 2021, 06:42 PM. Reason: I forgot something..


      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Sep 2006
      • 13959

      Malena has a strange dream....I'll bet she does...

      Ben tells Tripp about his fears? Okay,....and then what?

      Brady is suspicious of Jake? You and all the rest of Salem...It's best to keep a close eye on a man who eats ribs with his hands and has sex 20 time a day....

      Gwen and Xander want to hire Justin? Yes! And get that million dollars back from the D.A and spend it on Justin's retainer and make sure EJ finds out about it...Yeah, you and Gwen need your butts handed to you on a platter everyday of the week by EJ,,,,Ga'head. I dare you!


      • CincyLady
        CincyLady commented
        Editing a comment
        If I were Brandon Barash I'd leave if they couldn't write better for me than that. In fact, I feel that way about several of the actors.
    • tiff5555
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Jul 2007
      • 61567

      Why hire Justin? The man lose a lot of cases....


      • Nick Fallon fan
        Nick Fallon fan commented
        Editing a comment
        Probably couldn’t hire Belle since she works for EJ, that’s pretty much all the lawyers in town
    • Beca Drags
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Apr 2005
      • 27176

      That's right Abigail, don't let your guard down around that lying manipulator!


      • magoo1000
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Aug 2009
        • 18754

        Originally posted by tiff5555 View Post
        Why hire Justin? The man lose a lot of cases....
        Because he is the only lawyer in town except for EJ who is a crook. I will never forget what John Clark said about Mickey Horton - that he would not hire him to take out his trash. Same goes for Justin.


        • cookie222
          Soap Addict
          • Oct 2005
          • 7167

          Looking good can’t wait till Thursday


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