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Which Character Past or Present Had The Best Character Development?


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  • Which Character Past or Present Had The Best Character Development?

    It's been very quiet in here lately. So, I thought that I would continue my usual discussions. This time I am going to ask: Which Character had the best Character Driven Story or Character Development? I have a few through out the years and decades that I thought had the best stories. Who I thought had the best Character development and a few that I couldn't believe changed and did a complete 180. There is no Character development much on soaps anymore and all the characters seem to do and feel alike to me, so much so that I'm not surprised that they can go from Villian to a goody goody in the span of a few weeks. Then they revert back. For you who had the best Character development on Days? Any Character. You don't really even need to have liked them.

    Kristen Dimera/Blake. This Character completely veered off the rails. The fact that she was a complete goody goody when she first arrived in Salem and then slowly began getting grayer and darker was just perfection for me. What I initially liked about her Character Development from good to bad, was that she did feel torn. She wanted Marlena out of the picture so bad and I'll never forget that scene where Stefano was begging her to allow him to take Marlena so that she could have John. She turned him away, but then she allowed him to later on and connived and plotted to make it happen. Then she remained someone who everyone else saw as a Villian and even when the character came back in 2012. Why they tried to redeem her was beyond me, but now she is coo coo again.

    Stefano. John. Bo. Hope. Steve. Kayla. Jack and Jennifer. Roman and Marlena. Sami and Ej: These characters always had the best Character Driven Stories. IMHO. I know there are more but I don't want to include all of them.

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    Past: Steve Johnson

    Present: Tripp Johnson


    • Harmonica1985
      Harmonica1985 commented
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      Maybe for you but I love the character.

    • CincyLady
      CincyLady commented
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      Yep, I like him, too. I do wish they would write more and write better for him but that's probably asking too much.

    • lovejomar
      lovejomar commented
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      I like Tripp too.

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    Past: Steve Johnson. The entire Johnson family hands down. Steve came on and this led to an entire new group of characters who all helped and supported the development and understanding of each of the characters. Steve and Jack started off as an angry loner and the golden boy, along the way their roles switched, and it made total sense, and we got to see the entire transformation unravel onscreen. Steve became the golden boy and Jack became the outcast with his nose pressed against the window.

    Honorable mention: The Brady’s. Each family member had their own unique relationship with each other.

    Present: None. Character development is a joke now.

    IMO, character development does not involve some lame “redemption” that is so quick it consists only of a less than believable apology. There needs to be a slow change in a characters action based on developments we can see because it takes place onscreen. It doesn’t involve a victim suddenly and unrealistically propping up their victimizer. It doesn’t involve driving a bus over a victim in a heavy handed attempt to gain sympathy for the victimizer. To have true character development, characters have to interact with several characters in meaningful ways. Each relationship needs to be individual and help explain another aspect of the characters personality.
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    • Cat women
      Cat women commented
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      Believe me I have the bar set very low, but the show still rarely clears it
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    • carolinakid
      carolinakid commented
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      Most of the writing for ALL soaps isn’t what it used to be. I believe the last great era of soap writing was the ‘90s. All soaps have suffered over the last 20 years. The industry AND the audience has changed. Good writing may return but it won’t be on the network “ 5 shows a week, 52 weeks a year” level.

    • Cat women
      Cat women commented
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      Bad writing is one thing, but not not caring at all is where the show is at. Simple follow up to a storyline would go a long way. It would also help if they didn’t randomly kill off characters that they then have to turn around and resurrect.
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    Xander goes from goofy to blackmailing to lady-killer to brilliant business man. Which one (if any) is the real Xander?
    Chanel goes from wide-eyed innocent to schemer to petulant brat. Which one (if any) is the real Chanel?


    • leela1965
      leela1965 commented
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      sadly it's a writing problem. I find the zig zag in-the-moment-only storytelling to be impossible to take seriously

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    Bo, Steve, and Jack.


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      I always enjoyed Melanie and her character development. She started out as a bratty, immature, selfish party girl but gradually grew into a serious, responsible, caring young lady. Maggie had a wonderful influence on her and was very supportive. I know Melanie wasn't very popular with a lot of fans on this board, but I really liked watching the growth of this character.


      • GrandmaJulie
        GrandmaJulie commented
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        It was a slap in the face to long time viewers to have legacy characters thrown under the bus to prop this obnoxious character.

      • July Baby
        July Baby commented
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        I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm a long time viewer and I didn't see it that way. I guess that's what makes this board interesting - lots of different opinions. And it's all good!

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      For me it's easier to think of the characters that degraded in growth. Stephanie is one who comes to mind. Loved the original race car driver with spunk, not the version that she had morphed into by the time she exited the show.

      I guess the character with the most growth that I've seen in a while is Xander. From hated henchman eye-candy, to more of a likeable guy with some morals.
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      • dee2
        dee2 commented
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        I liked Stephanie the racer version. I liked, also, the way she pulled for her Mom and Dad to be together again. I had started to like Claire more,
        she seemed more mature. She fell way down for me, being willing to be part of the team embarrassing Theo. Not mature, IMO.

      • JackandJenfan
        JackandJenfan commented
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        I hated how they destroyed Stephanie to prop Melanie. It was awful!

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      Hands down Jack, his redemption storyline which took years was perfection. Anything Jack/Jennifer from the early years or interaction with Jo and or Adrienne/Steve from the late 80s or early 90s was pure gold.


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        Currently, Xander and until she was shipped off to an island, Sarah had the best character development. Lack of character development: Clare, Bonnie, Ciara, Ben, Jake and Gwen.


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          1) Jack Deveraux
          2) Steve Johnson
          3) Adrienne Johnson


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            Character Development and growth aren't necessarily the same thing. Lexies slow dissent into becoming a dimera in order to keep baby Isaac was the most character driven stuff they've done that I've seen.
            Kate's transition from victim to worthy adversary to villain was super character driven. After she'd been on the boat because of Vivian and came back willing to take on Sami at any cost because she had been taken away from her children for the last time and was there to protect them no matter what. They then destroyed all that for a Daniel prop and I don't even know what just happened with stefan or whatever his name is.
            There's no character driven storytelling on this show anymore. The characters don't even remember what happened to them 2 weeks ago (chloe/lucas come to mind) let alone does it effect their decisions.


            • #12
              Ben Weston
              Bo Brady
              Carrie Brady


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                I wish they'd never thrown Ben so far under the bus to prop Chad and Abby - which have been a disappointment imo -but they've done the best they could with what we've got left.


                • Nancy T
                  Nancy T commented
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                  Oh please becoming a serial killer was the best thing to happen to Ben before that he was boring.

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                For me it would be Stefano.


                • #15
                  For me Lucas when Will died and then came back.
                  love Nicole as well.


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