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Vincent on the phone


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  • Vincent on the phone

    Weird manner of speaking about Ciara. First he referred to her as "Hope Brady's daughter." Next he said the "Brady Girl." Finally ar the end he said Ciara as they were walking into the Salem Inn. It just sounded very stilted and artificial. I don't know why I noticed this. But it annoys me

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    I noticed too, but it didn't annoy me. I found it to be a strange accent that is impossible to place, and he had an over all odd manner of speech. I'm not sure why he would refer to Ciara and Hope Brady's daughter. It does make me wonder about Vincent's background.


    • magoo1000
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      well Hope Brady did throw him for a loop. I am sure he is still thinking of that. But my question is whyis he not in jail?
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    • Cat women
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      That’s probably it

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    Question about Vincent. So he apparently got to Salem before Hope, Shawn, Ciara, Claire & Ben. Why wasn't Ben brought to a hospital in NYC? Did they drive, fly, or take the train from NY to Salem? Was Vincent on the same flight?
    At what point does Salem University Hospital hire a security guard? Just (fairly) recently Diana Colville, Vivian Alamaigne, Orpheus & Stefano/Steve have had carte blanche to sneak around the hospital.
    For what it's worth, I heard he will be related to Gwen???


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      He's not what I expected when he was called Dr. Rolf's protege. He may be brilliant, but otherwise he lacks everything one would expect from such a person. Rolf is almost always acting with the disconnect of a scientist watching an experiment. And when he does speak personally his words are carefully chosen, as are ways in which he says those words. Vincent is cold, enjoys the pain he's causing seemingly more than the experiment itself, and gets his feathers ruffled very easily. And the way he talks sounds like he's trying on different ways of speaking as if he hasn't decided on one yet.


      • Clementine15
        Clementine15 commented
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        l agree with your very good analysis! And Rolf is always entertaining. Hard for me to believe Vincent would ever be

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