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Who is older, Quinn or Stefan and Jake?


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  • Who is older, Quinn or Stefan and Jake?

    I don't think it was ever spelled out, but I was curious as to who was older, and trying to make sense of Vivian's back story.
    Tyler Christopher is 47, Brandon Barash is 40 and Bren Foster who played Quinn is 43 so the ages don't really confirm it definitively.

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    I believe the characters ages differ than in real life. It’s also hard too cuz later Days may equal to the actors ages to the characters. Days do soar and rarely de-soar. Sarah is supposed to be older. They de-soared Abby back in 2011. They soared Ciara, Theo and Joey back in 2015. Soo yeah...


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      They SORASed and deSORASed Nicholas Alamain a ridiculous amount. He went from being a kid, to being Kate's lover, and years later he looked like he should be in college and looked to be the same age as Melanie who should be ten years younger than him. So yeah, history and common sense aren't a clear indicator for ages.

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    Well we know Stefan and Jake are born in 1974, and theres no way Quinn is older then that, he looked mid-30s when he was on the show. I would say Quinn would be born around 1976-1980, it was when Vivian had an affair with an Australian man, its safe to assume he would be younger but not by far then his two twin brothers.


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