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Get your a-s back in my bed!(Scene with Jake and Gabi) + Zoe, was funny.


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  • Get your a-s back in my bed!(Scene with Jake and Gabi) + Zoe, was funny.

    Pretty much a controllin' type woman, that's pretty clear but wow. Jake and Gabi facial expression, was a riot! Good scene.

    But, i'm still not a fan of ZOE, but it just sounded funny lol

  • #2
    Zoe was Will's boss when he worked for that trashy tabloid... who hooked up with Chad. She was also a vixen-type character and had a smart mouth.

    This latest character is Gwen and she is a riot.


    • #3
      It was very funny, and seeing Jake in a costume that felt hilariously uncomfortable, I also liked seeing Li shin, Gabi, Jake in one scene, which was short, but eager to see more .


      • #4
        Does anyone know if the movie Gwen and Jake were making will be available on YouTube?


        • #5
          Um....who is Zoe???? Nikki7447xoxo I did not see a girl named Zoe today.


          • #6
            Lmao i was about to make a thread about this but you beat me to it haha omg those scenes were hilarious today! i could not stop laughing!

            BB is a true comedian. Oh what a joy it is to have him back on the show. Gwen was hilarious too! "Get your ass back in my bed" omg i was in tears! I loved him going into detail about his wide lens focus💀whew Gabi's facial expressions were too much. I loved how she laughed about Gwen burning his clothes lolol.

            Jake is a horndog! He could NOT stop staring at Gabriella's "eyes haha! He and his brother are truly 2 of a kind. He said something like "i heard you like to be on top and i fond that very HOT!" ROFLMAO hell yea! So did your twin Jake. I am loving every second of their scenes. These two still got the undeniable hot chemistry, and throwing Gwen in the mix is awesome! Kudos to all the actors today!


            • ckg1
              ckg1 commented
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              Haven’t had a chance to see yet FC lol, but as usual it sounds like these three are the most entertaining part! Gwen was asking him to go back to bed?! Poor thing..😭😂

            • Flowercity79
              Flowercity79 commented
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              ckg1 yesss girl! Jake was about to make a sex tape with Gwen when Gabi interrupted so he could with her and Shin to a dinner with a potential investor. Gwen was NOT happy Jake made Gabi promise to make it up to him..he still never specified how he wants her to do that but I have no doubt he has sex on the mind He also told her she was hot today and couldnt keep his eyes off of her lol! Ah i am loving these two

          • #7
            Gwen is psycho, but a likeable funny psycho she reminds me of Beth from Passions! Great scenes today for sure! Also I find kinky/flirtatious Jake is so sexy


            • #8
              Who is Zoe? Why is she back on canvas? I thought her stint was temporary after winning custody of David.


              • tiff5555
                tiff5555 commented
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                There was two Zoe’s. One was a news reporter and other one you mentioned.

              • Mr.Sami_Brady
                Mr.Sami_Brady commented
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                You would think they would have made a point to name the second Zoe a different name...

              • July Baby
                July Baby commented
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                I think the OP is referring to Gwen and mistakenly called her Zoe.

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