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Do you think RC should pull back the over the top writing for a notch?


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  • Do you think RC should pull back the over the top writing for a notch?

    This is not an RC bashing thread.

    I feel like the portion of 2020 has been occupied with over the top stores. May be the golden key for DAYS especially when its future is under question is to have balanced storytelling. Some realism mixed over the topness wont hurt. I feel like RC doesnt want to tell traditional soapy stories instead we are getting multiple villain stories. Thank God for Ally-Sonny-Will story that is being more grounded by they are about to exit.

    What are your take on some of the recent storylines in 2020?

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    YES, he should. The show needs more balance. Personally, I don't want a re-tread of JER's Days. Not that the show is there, YET, but it could be if story trends continue.


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      I think it’s all he has in his bag of tricks. I don’t trust him as a writer, so it’s hard to sit back and enjoy anything because I’m waiting for the rug to be pulled out in the middle of the story. I rely on the actors on Twitter to let me gage how the story will progress, ie will it actually have an ending.

      I enjoyed Steve and Kayla, I would have changed some of the dialogue, and the follow up is lacking, but at least they had a conclusion to a story.

      I like Xander and Sarah even though it’s clear the show stumbled on them by accident, and they were only supposed to be foil for Eric and Nicole. The show is struggling to figure out what to do with them now. Xander has been on the show for years, and still there’s no vision for the character. However, I appreciate that they’re trying.

      I like Allie, everything seems so rushed, and she’s mostly fodder for Nicole and Sami, but I like the character. I wish she had someone her own age she was talking to. It’s still been good so far.

      I wish I knew what the plans for Bonnie were, I don’t know why she’s in town. I also want more for Justin to do.

      I prefer stories about people, but I understand OTT is fast and easy writing, plus audiences have a small attention span now a days, so crazy works a lot of times. I think Days relays way too much on crazy, psycho characters.


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        You have put it very well, OP.

        The key to successful soap writing is balance. The OTT writing should be servicing real human emotions and exploring relationships between couples, family members and friends. The show is lacking in that heart.

        He also needs to focus on building his characters. A lot of them feel very shallow and empty. In SOD GV talked about how he felt like Ericole was a supercouple but they never got a chance to show that off, he also said he'd have moments where he gave a lot emotion, but it was few and far between because the story just flattened out most of the time. I think he gave an excellent summation of what's not working at Days.


        • Cat women
          Cat women commented
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          GV isn’t wrong. His scenes when Kristin’s video was played at the wedding were haunting and moving. Eric’s utter devastation was raw, and painful. The show then drops Eric and Nicole and happily moves her on to Daniel

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        From what I read, Days hired Ron because Ron’s writing is just like James Reilly! I don’t feel it’s going to stop until Days changes the head writer.


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          Yeah. Storytelling based on human interactions, conflict that's somewhat within he realm of understandable are good ways to go, and served DOOL in the 70s and 80s. There were many great storylines that encompassed everyone - like the cruise of deception, alamania, the train thing.


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            RC does need to tone it down a bit.

            Also, I don't think RC is as horrendous as JERk is. (yet anyway). He IS capable of writing bad campy stuff (the ending of his stint at GH is a perfect example of that), but I think RC learned his lesson from that.

            RC has the camp ratio right, but he needs to tweak and work on adding more depth, and nuance into storylines.


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              Yes. He almost never slows it down. Rarely embraces the core of the show which is family. I mean look at Stayla - Roman finally sees them and he's acting like a drunk halfwit who can't see that the two are trying to spend some time together. The same Roman who wasn't at his own niece's wedding.

              RC constantly writes plot driven stories that drag the characters along kicking and screaming. Look at this whole Allie story. Look at how the characters are behaving compared to what's actually happening. It doesn't match up because the drama is over the top and not at all organic to the situation. Of course we expect drama on a soap opera, but it should make sense. Everything with Allie is over the top but it has no basis for being there. These characters are reacting to a plot that didn't even happen. Instead if driving the plot they're being dragged along and even they don't know what they're doing. Allie is written with all the maturity of a spoiled brat who is all of 16. If I didn't know better I'd never guess she's in her 20s. And it's only the most recent example.

              RC knows camp, that's for sure. And it definitely has its place. But it often feels like that's all he knows. He can also write quality, but it's like he chooses not to. More often than not I'm watching thinking "is he trying to kill this show?"


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                Has the writing been more OTT after the time jump? It makes me wonder if it is all going to be undone.


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                  This is RC's writing. Over the top, bizarre and outlandish. That's his specialty! Yes, I absolutely wish he would change and focus on the characters fitting the stories, instead of cramming the characters into his sci-fi, campy plot of the month, but I doubt he'll ever change his writing style. I also wish he'd focus more on romance and stop writing the dreaded triangle for a couple.


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                    I think he needs to tone down the violence a little (though the Ben/Eve stuff had incredible performances...it was uncomfortable to watch). Also the overdone sex scenes (and trashy clothes), the mind control (just too much of it), and so many villains (there is barely any one left to root for. I do not mind a little bit of crazy stories...But how about a few more heart felt stories like Justin, Kayla, and Steve....where all were good guys that just had love for each other. Or one of the best stories....Marlena and the decision to take her off of life support (which did bring good ratings)!!


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                      Its why OLTL was canceled and GH fired him. He goes to far, gets burned out and loses steam. There's only so many ober the top/sci-fi stuff people will take. not to mention his obsession with rape stories. most daytime viewers are women we don't want to see that.


                      • eileenregina
                        eileenregina commented
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                        He also seems to have a thing for DID stories even when they don't make sense.

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                      I think RC should pull back on the graphic sex scenes. I'm not sure where the scene was from, but it featured Sarah lying on the bed in her underwear with her back to Xander and something about "cupcakes" in a weekly recap. Not sure if this was an actual scene, a preview or a dream sequence, but gross.


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                        Originally posted by Blakebs View Post
                        I think RC should pull back on the graphic sex scenes. I'm not sure where the scene was from, but it featured Sarah lying on the bed in her underwear with her back to Xander and something about "cupcakes" in a weekly recap. Not sure if this was an actual scene, a preview or a dream sequence, but gross.
                        That was the love scene between Xander and Sarah today and yes, it was pretty racy for a daytime love scene. Kinda longer than the usual soap love scene too. I was kinda shocked at how graphic it was, but Ron's got more problems than cutting the writing of graphic love scenes, cause we barely get them at all anymore. That was the first graphic one I can remember in a long while. Na, he needs to work on many other things in his writing, but obviously Days still likes him, since he is still employed.


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                          RC has used up his three storylines and is now repeating them. I don't expect any changes.


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