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Days live discussion 7/29/2020


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  • Days live discussion 7/29/2020

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Sonny and Will getting home and talking about Allie and the baby; Will opens the champagne and they toast; Will can’t believe they are going to have another baby and Sonny says he can’t either. He was so sure Rafe would say yes. Will says yeah I guess he wasn’t ready. Flashback to Sami telling Will what she said to Rafe; Sonny says they are ready, no doubt about that. He says remember how cool it was when we took care of Ari as a baby? Will thinks Allie could be signing the papers right now; Allie with Eric and then Nicole is home. She says there is something Allie should know before she signs the papers. Sami with Rafe; Ciara asking a Clyde why Orpheus would be mad at her; “He could have killed a whole lot of birds with that one bomb.” Clyde says; Ciara all snotty with Clyde. He laughs and tells her Orpheus isn’t in that prison anymore; Ben shouts who the hell are you; Lucas at the mansion with Kate. He has news. Kate says I already know you slept with Bonnie. Why?; Rafe says all he told Allie was to soon after David he wasn’t ready “which is true.”; Allie doesn’t want to know what Sami did, it just drives her nuts; Clyde says Orpheus disappeared and no one knows where; A man comes out and says his name is Vincent. Ben grunts is that supposed to mean something to me? Vincent says yes since I am the one who blew up your wedding; Vincent says the wedding was a lovely affair except the bomb he planted in the vestibule. He waited for the right moment to detonate it - Ben was the target not Ciara; Ciara tells Clyde he has to find Orpheus or his gang. Clyde says Orpheus doesn’t work with a gang; Clyde says what about witness protection, it’s hard to find Orpheus. He says you need another level of help. Lean on Rafe to talk to the warden. Clyde is counting on her; Harold told Kate that Lucas slept with Bonnie. She asks if he fell off the wagon? Lucas says I woke up and Bonnie was in my bed and I kicked her out immediately. Kate is so relieved; Lucas tells Kate that Will is going to adopt Allie’s baby; Will thinks they should start shopping for baby stuff, they gave all Ari’s baby clothes away. Sonny says wait, there’s something we have to do first;

    Rafe is telling Sami he ran into Nicole and told her. Sami knows Nicole will tell Allie to turn her against Sami; Rafe says Nicole is a friend and wanted to make sure he was okay; Sami rushes out to stop Nicole. Nicole blabbing to Allie; Nicole says she doesn’t think Rafe made a decision till Sami made up his mind for him; Will comes in with Ari. She’s pissed cause they said she could watch Ninja Warrior Kids and they interrupted her; They tell her they have a surprise She guesses American Doll Store??; Ari says she knows what it is! They ask if she’s happy. “Yes we’re finally getting a puppy!”; Kate goes on and on about how much Rafe wants a child; Allie freaking out while Eric tells her calm down. Allie says wait till I get my hands on her. Sami knocking on the door, Allie opens it angrily; Ciara back with Rafe, tells him she believes Clyde didn’t do it. She tells him Clyde thinks it’s Orpheus; Vincent said the bomb was designed so make Ben take the brunt of it; Ben wants to know why he went through all of this trouble to get him; Ben is screaming at Vincent. He wants to know why; Vincent did it because he was paid to; Ciara points out that John and Marlena were at the wedding; Rafe said it’s not possible that Orpheus isn’t in prison anymore; Rafe is calling the warden. The warden wouldn’t talk to Ciara after what she did with Evan; Will said it would be too much to her a new puppy and a new baby at the same time. Sonny thinks it’s great and Ari is not happy; Lucas is remembering his talk with Sami


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      Kate grilling Lucas about Allie and Rafe; Lucas has a flashback about talking to Sami; Kate pushing Lucas on the truth; Sami surprised to see Allie, thought she was at grandmas. Sami says she needs to talk to Nicole in private. Allie says what, Uncle Eric and I stand in the kitchen while you threaten Nicole not to blab?; Sonny asks Ari what she thinks? She always told them she wanted a brother or sister! Ari asks where they are getting the baby. They tell her Aunt Allie doesn't feel ready to raise a baby so they are letting all of them raise her together - won't that be great??; Kate still grilling Lucas; Sami tells Nicole she sure works fast, she just got back to town. Allie super pissed; The warden tells Rafe that someone with proper documentation came and got Orpheus. He calls Shane; Ben trying to threaten information out of this guy while he's tied up; Ben thinks its Clyde and the guy laughs - no; Ben is drooling and shouting. Vincent could not care less; Ben thinks he deserves to know who put Vincent up to this. Vincent hits him; Rafe shouting at Shane; Ari says a baby cries and makes dirty diapers. Will says its great being a big brother. Ari really wanted a puppy, asks if she can go watch her show. Will says well that didn't go as planned; Sonny says she needs time, it isn't real for her - and we could sweeten the pot. It would make Ari so happy!! Will says no, we can't hand a new baby and a puppy at the same time. Are you trying to bribe Ari? Sonny says is there something wrong with that? Will says no; Allie wants to know what Sami said to Rafe. Sami says we talked about how complicated it was and he is at peace with the decision HE made, and Will and Sonny really want the baby and everyone would be happy if Nicole stayed out of it; Will brings Ari back in, he and Daddy Sonny talked and they decided once the baby is here and settle in they can look for a new puppy. Sonny tells her she is the greatest little girl in the world and if she wants a puppy she can have one; Ari says is this a bribe so I will like the new baby? Will asks here where she learned about bribes. "Mommy taught me. She does it all the time." Sonny asks does it work? Ari says sometimes! They laugh and hug her; Kate agrees not to tell Allie but she knows the truth will come out;

      Allie says why are you pushing me to sign? Eric says take a second and step back. Nicole says he's right; Allie shouting at Sami, so sick of her trying to run her life! She gets a cramp, Sami says is it labor? "I don't know what does labor feel like?" Sami says really bad cramps - just breathe; Shane calls back, Rafe is snotty with him "oh thanks for getting back to me" Orpheus was transferred to a maximum security prison, it wasn't him; Vincent hits Ben in the leg again. We hear Eve's voice - that's enough Vincent, I'll take it from here. Ben sees her in the doorway "Eve Donovan??" She says "Hello, Ben." SHOW OVER .


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        Good....not only does this save Justin from Eve's clutches because she will be caught albeit after some fun loving everyday torture of Ben that we will be forced to endure. I also bet Rafe leaves when Zoey realizes David is in danger from Orpheus and calls him because she wants him to either come and take David away or stay with them to protect them. Laughing about the dastardly motherly teachings of Gabi is so Salemesque being that in addition to Gabi..Kate, Vivian, Sami, Xander and Victor could have taught her that as well. I do hope we get to see a dog though with Ari...She can tell the dog how much she hates all the attention her new sibling is getting and all the bad things she plans on doing to them. The dog meanwhile can concentrate on knocking over all of Maggie's lovely little dolls. Ron could fill up hours with the dog and not worry about Covid and social distancing.

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      Wow, so Will and Sonny laugh at the fact that Ari's mommy taught her bribing as a way to get what she wants. That's sad and shows what a horrible mother she truly is!

      No shock that it's Eve who is doing this to Ben!


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        Wouldn't surprise me if Xander told Eve about this guy Mr Vincent in the past, because he seems like someone that Xander would know.


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          Also happy that Eve is finally freed from Jack and Jennifer, she shouldn't have to be always tied to them good to see final in her own story!


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