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Sami Comes Back and Everyone's Shook


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  • Sami Comes Back and Everyone's Shook

    Why isn't it Sami comes back and everyone's, like, Sami, what's new? And who cares about what you say?

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    LOL. It's true. Sami only has power because people let her. Everyone walks on eggshells, trying to manage Sami's responses to things. "Don't tell Sami! Sami will throw a fit!" How about just ignore her? And if she assaults you and starts throwing food, call the police and have her arrested.

    Can you imagine if you had Sami in your family in real life? No real family would put up with that sh!t. Anyone that dysfunctional would be gently but firmly barred from all family gatherings.

    But I love watching her on Days.


    • Elvis12
      Elvis12 commented
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      Sami is dangerous. No one ever cared enough to teach her proper behavior. So, she runs wild and feral and I don't think people are afraid of her so much as they don't want to deal with her drama.

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    Sami has earned the right to become an old school diva- a Lisa Grimaldi (ATWT),Reva Shayne (GL), Carly Tenney (ATWT), Rachel Davis (AW), Jill Abbott (YR), Erica Kane (AMC), etc, who can cause chaos and excitement at any moment.


    • Joluiscute
      Joluiscute commented
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      Agreed! I love me some Ali as Sami!
      Btw, I love Carly and Reva too!!

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    I am not happy with Sami. It's a same old same. She should understand what Allie wants and seeing her grandkid, Ari.


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      People are scared of her because she's crazy.

      She drugged her sister's boyfriend into having sex with her. She shot her rapist Alan in the junk. She lied about Lucas beating Will. She faked amnesia and paralysis to hang onto Austin. She sold her infant sister on the black market. She blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie her kids with Austin would have birth defects.

      She destroys the people who dismiss her.


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        Did anyone ask about EJ's health?


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