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Monday, July 20th. Preview


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  • SPOILER! Monday, July 20th. Preview

    Gabi delivers the shocking news of Vivian's death to Jake. Ciara wakes up the morning of her wedding feeling very ill. She wonders if Claire may have put something in her drink to cause her illness. Hope to the rescue! Ben wakes up following a disturbing dream about Jordan. Their wedding day is not starting off very well at all. Will Ciara be too ill to get married? Oh, Boy!

    Source: TV Guide Soaps

  • #2
    I will be so glad when they find the culprit and set Claire free from this sabotage of all things CIN.

    I wonder will this wedding be a whole week long

    Gabi has to tell Jake. So much for cops telling the next of kin. Jake will be devastated he lost a mother he never knew, umm 🤔 probably not.

    I wonder what will be the cause of death?


    • #3
      Is there an extended promo for next week?


      • #4
        Someone really doesn't want this wedding to take place.
        Jabriella, I think Jake will feel weird about the death of this mother he doesn't really know.


        • #5
          When I heard Rafe tell Gabi that Vivian was dead my first thought was that is how she plans on getting out of jail and escaping all her charges. I mean you can't be charged if you are dead right? I don't have a clue how this is going to play out but mark my words she isn't really gone.


          • eileenregina
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            Of course you are right. When is anyone ever really dead anymore!

        • #6
          Maybe Ciara is pregnant. She and Ben are constantly at it.


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