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SOD Spoilers for the week of July 20th


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    Originally posted by gymguy68 View Post
    Thank you for the post Chabby!

    Just speculation on Gabi's news to Jake. I'm guessing the "death" is someone in the Hernandez clan, possibly her mom. I only say that because Eduardo is due back in Salem soon. As far as Shawn's news, it most likely will involve Hope's exit story. Either Shawn is ill and Hope leaves to take care of him, or Bo is still alive...just speculation.
    From the spoilers I've read Belle catches Claire in a lie putting her in the hot seat and Shawn has to tell the family about it thus the devastating news.
    Rafe & Gabi's Dad returning could indeed relate to the funeral spoiler however I'm not sure why the mix feelings...the similar spoiler I read said that Salem would have mix feelings not just Jake so I'm thinking Vivian is planning to fake her own death to get out of prison. Salem would have mixed feeling about her death.
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    • gymguy68
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      Great points on the spoilers and thank you! Just had another premonition based on your comments. Could it be Eve that is going to die? We all know she's not anyone's favorite.

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    So Belle and Shawn come to town for his sister’s wedding but not her brother’s wedding?


    • Milkshake24
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      I think it's more about them being present because of Claire though popping up a few days earlier to attend both would of been considerate.

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