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Crazy Idea's on what will happen!!!


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  • Crazy Idea's on what will happen!!!

    1) Stefan was Stefano's kid, but Stefan's twin Jake is not. Ivan is Jake's dad

    2) Claire is blamed for the arson of Dimera mansion, that kills Gwen, and almost kills Claire herself. "Gabby"(Abigail's alter) is to blame.

    3) Gwen reveals(before she dies), she was the daughter of the mob boss who was after that book.

    4) Mob boss, Charlie Jannings seeks revenge on his daughters killer.

    5) Rafe learns that Eduardo has been released from prison...but working with Charlie. Hope(in Rafe's circle again), get's caught up in a tangled mess that Charlie and Eduardo are involved in. Rafe, Gabi and Hope all have to leave Salem in protective custody. Eve becomes a target of Charlie...he thinks she's responsible for the DM fire that killed his daughter. A desperate Eve gets help from Jack.

    6) Jake resists Gabby's advances and lets her loved ones know what's going on with her...everyone's grateful, except for Chad who still does not trust Jake. Chad's mysterious behavior brings Abigail and Jake closer.

    7) Dr. Rolf has/had invented(through cross genetics)a way to create Lab babies, so that married gay couples can actually have their own biological kids.

    8).Young Steven Hawk(going by the different name of Skip Hogan) has a girlfriend who can't have children. Their close friend Allie Horton, became a surrogate for their child, but after learning Skip's true identity, decides not to give them this child.

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    Stefan and Jake have identical DNA, not just faces. Thus, they have the same parents.


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      Unless Vivian did indeed lie and fabricated the test results the first time around. In this case of course the DNA's would match. They are Ivan and Vivian's twins and not Stefano's. This would cause drama for Ivan and Vivian, Ivan would be miffed to learn Vivian was trying to pass their twins off as another man's children.

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    I like the first idea but unfortunately I don't see most of your theories working. I read on another thread regarding Abby, if it's true, may be the reason why she and Jake gets closer together.


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