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Days of our lives ratings June 15th-19th,2020


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  • Days of our lives ratings June 15th-19th,2020

    Total Viewers:
    2. DAYS 1,810,000 (+13,000/-281,000)

    2. DAYS 1.33/5 (+.01/-.2) <—— ties low (4th straight week) *

    * Rounded to 1.3

    Women 18-49 Viewers:
    1. DAYS 244,000 (+30,000/-67,000)

    Women 18-49 Rating:
    1. DAYS 0.38/5 (+.05/-.1)

    Women 18-34 Viewers:
    1. DAYS 49,000 (+5,000/-11,000)

    Women 18-34 Rating:
    1. DAYS 0.14 (+.01/-.03) <—— ties low (2nd straight week) *

    * Rounded to 0.1

    Women 25-54 Viewers:
    1. DAYS 345,000 (+11,000/-85,000)

    Women 25-54 Rating:
    1. DAYS 0.56 (+.02/-.14)

    Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers:
    Monday: 1.42/1,944,000
    Tuesday: 1.33/1,796,000
    Wednesday: 1.25/1,714,000
    Thursday: 1.32/1,769,000
    Friday: 1.33/1,824,000

    (preemptions occurred during the week and GH has no numbers to show)

  • #2
    The interruptions are hurting Days big times.


    • #3
      Thank god they sell the demos and not the total audience numbers.


      • #4
        Just sad!! And honestly right now really slow.....newcomers I am having trouble caring about.....characters front and center with weak stories!! It has now been over a year and it has not really picked up (except a short time after the stay at home order....then it crashed and burned again)!! Even the wedding plans seem rushed and underwhelming!!! Last year everything about Lani and Eli's wedding was one of the best in a long time...the wonderful family interactions..returns for the wedding...the beauty of the couple....the build up was wonderful. But right now the build up is lacking just as it is for Ciara and Ben's. Their wedding just seems to be more of a vehicle for Claire to be involved then it is romantic. And so far nothing is really even going on with Eric and Nicole's plans (which should have been one of the biggest blow outs ever on this show after years and years of viewers waiting for this)!!!! I am loving the triangle of Kayla, Steve, and Justin....all good people so your heart aches for all of them!! And of course Steve and Mary Beth have always been able to twist my heart. I FF the show a lot...Right to them!! Looking forward to the returns of Vivian, Abby, and even Sami (she drives me crazy sometimes but we need some excitement right now)!! So here's hoping for a good summer pick up because I do not want it to end like this!!


        • #5
          Obviously, Days continues to lose viewers. They need to find a way to retrieve those viewers and obtain new ones. Unfortunately, ratings are very sad.


          • #6
            Watched most of today's episode (monday.) It was awful. one of the worst ive seen in 35 years. The pacing was weird and the acting was ****.


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              Originally posted by CADY View Post
              Obviously, Days continues to lose viewers. They need to find a way to retrieve those viewers and obtain new ones. Unfortunately, ratings are very sad.
              Compared to last week there are pluses in every category. That means we gained viewers, not lost. Not to mention these are live +same day viewers only.


              • #8
                1. The interruptions need to stop
                2. The Nielsen ratings are beyond outdated and inaccurate
                3. NBC should release the Live+7 Numbers and their online viewer numbers. I have not watched Days on my dvr since the virus began. I watch every single day on nbc.com because I don’t want to deal with needless interruptions anymore.


                • Zach
                  Zach commented
                  Editing a comment
                  tiff5555 We don’t know what the online numbers say for any of the shows on any network. You are guessing.

                • tiff5555
                  tiff5555 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Zach True, but I am pretty confident regarding the online thing. It is the highest because the other NBC shows are not.

                • Carlys #1 Fan
                  Carlys #1 Fan commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Zach I also read Days is their #1 streamed show which must mean the numbers are pretty good. It’s beating out shows like This is Us, New Amsterdam, and The Blacklist

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