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DAYS wins 2 Emmy Awards!


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  • DAYS wins 2 Emmy Awards!

    At the 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, DAYS won a total of 2 Emmys!

    It was the least wins of the night - Y&R won 8; B&B and GH won 4!

    - Outstanding Younger Performer in a Drama Series (Olivia Rose Keegan)
    - Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for a Drama or Digital Drama Series

    Congratulations to DAYS!

  • #2
    Days has the best music in my opinion. Congrats Olivia! Hoping that Days keeps her around!


    • RoidRage
      RoidRage commented
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      The best really? I find the music is almost like another character that just annoyingly talks over people. Olivia's award was the only one I really agreed with for acting awards. She killed it and deserved it so much!

  • #3
    Days would have deserved more victory, instead of everything given to Y&R, congratulations to Olivia Rose Keegan, she deserves it, I hope she will stay in Days.


    • #4
      Congrats to Olivia! She deserves it!

      As for Days winning for "Outstanding Music direction" YIKES, What?? I think Days music is horrid! I must say that to myself several times during one episode. It is so overly dramatic. It's way more dramatic than the actual scene content is. That doesn't deserve an award, that deserves to be corrected. JMO!


      • #5
        I don't understand how B&B with its recycled storylines won. Was it for the writing or the actors? And while I do love Y&R, I do feel that Days is right up there with the others. I will never understand how some awards are won


        • soapgirl9
          soapgirl9 commented
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          Heather Tom won for Lead Actress as Katie. The other wins they got were Outstanding Writing Team in a Drama Series, Costume Design and Outstanding Lighting Direction.

        • islezeus
          islezeus commented
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          soapgirl9 but they keep recycling storylines, particularly that Liam Steffi Hope triangle I don't get. SMH

      • #6
        Except for young actors or best hair & make up, Days usually get bypassed.


        • #7
          Julie should have won this year. Days or B&B should have gotten best show this year.


          • #8
            MaryBeth Evans, Brandon Beemer, and Matthew Ashford got recognition as producers of the Emmy winning The Bay series. 🙂


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