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Chad character shift?


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  • Chad character shift?

    Just a theory for now but I'm thinking Chad may be changing for a while. My reason? Too many "nice" characters. Xander has gone soft, Stefano is gone, Andre is gone, Kristin is apparently a wonderful mother, and devoted nun or something. Victor is great but unfortunately age catches up with everyone. So where is the young, dangerous villain for the show? Gone for now. There is a bit of a void to fill... It could be filled by Vivian, or maybe the mob boss that has been talked about, but not on the show yet. Still when Chad was talking to Gabi, he came off as pretty creepy

    "If I did that to my own wife, what do you think I'd do to you?"

    He's angry, and bitter, and darker. The trigger was Abby being drugged. He thinks Gabi did it, and I suspect he blames himself for not being strong enough against percieved threats. That his wife is suffering because he didn't protect her. I'm thinking he may be changing into more of a vicious character. Punishing those he feels has wronged him, or his family. Striking out at those he think may be a threat. Time will tell.

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    Lol! This Chad as dark. Can't see it. 😂 I will allow it if it allows BF to wear facial hair. It looks good on him.


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