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Insert new woman with Brady then wash, rinse and repeat


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  • Insert new woman with Brady then wash, rinse and repeat

    I knew it was only going to be a matter of time when they first introduced Sarah that she would be hooking up with boring blockhead Brady. I haven’t found Brady interning in years. I have no idea why they keep this insufferable character on.
    Last edited by GrandmaJulie; June 15, 2020, 05:59 PM.

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    I love Brady! Sarah is the annoying one. At least Brady doesn’t want to go through with it.


    • lagirl
      lagirl commented
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      He did not say NO>

    • Elle23276
      Elle23276 commented
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      You coulda fooled me....they were in a race to get there 🤣. Brady never says no.

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    GrandmaJulie i totally agree, granny. He's such a bore. He needs to be retired or put on the back burner or recast or.. something. No disrespect to the actor. He does a fine job but they've reached the end of the line with this iteration of the character.


    • GrandmaJulie
      GrandmaJulie commented
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      Brady was so different went I first started watching Days. He was kind and head over heals for Chloe. He has not been the same ever since her returned around 2008. I’m not blaming the actor. It’s the writing that’s to blame. I feel like they just don’t know what to do with him. He definitely needs to go away for a few years or forever. I prefer Eric and Philip in the leading male role.

    • Skins 2008
      Skins 2008 commented
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      Brady was never a nice person he was always a smug jerk he only let Chloe see what he wanted her to see.

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    They deserve each other


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      It looks like Brady doesn't have a storyline unless it involved getting revenge against someone. I think this character has run his course, at least for now. Hopefully we will see Tate turn up in Salem as a teenager in the near future. This might give Brady some purpose.


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        I am loving Brady!!! Sarah is the boring one. Sarah should leave already. Brady is interesting and a great character he doesn't want Sarah and he sure doesn't want to sleep with her. I am loving everything about Brady he is interesting and a wonderful character. I hope Tate comes back soon. I would love to see him in scenes with his dad. Brady is a great father.


        • lasagna
          lasagna commented
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          Speaking of Tate, you think he be a teenager when we see him again?

        • eileenregina
          eileenregina commented
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          However old he is, you know he will be trouble, LOL!

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        Pretty much. I like EM, but the writing for Brady is awful. I HATE that he is paired with Kristin and I couldn't stand him with Eve, either. He should go visit his son and come back a new man in 6 months. The character needs a drastic change.


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          No matter the writers, Brady always comes out a loser. Even if he changes his mind about Sarah, he was gung ho at the time she asked. This, when
          he is so in love with Kristen. The man has no scruples at all. I hope if it happens that Kristen finds out. That is a scene with the two I could watch.


          • #9
            I'm hoping for a Broe/Phloe triangle. Sarah needs the overhaul.


            • #10
              EM makes Brady a lot better than he actually is.

              That being said since they seem to love the character the least they could do is have him on the backburner or at least single for a full year.

              However Brady's storylines are as trite as everyone else's the names change but the formula is the same.


              • #11
                He's a weak, dumb puta....but he's likeable as can be. And a fairly decent sort, too....when you put him up against the rest of the criminals that Salem has to offer


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                  Brady will sleep with any woman who is willing and pretty soon Sarah will be the love of his life. RC never writes different stories for characters, they always have the same story over and over and over. Don't be surprised if a who's the daddy story is coming up with Brady/Sarah/Xander.


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                    Brady has had more love interests than any other character on the show, regardless of how old they are. ...Like seriously, I think he beats anyone.

                    The problem is the writers never had Brady revisit any past relationships (except I guess Nicole) after the recast. Most characters have 2 or 3 great loves that they cycle between throughout the years. But for Brady, it’s this constant cycle of him feeling betrayed and washing his hands of everyone he comes in contact with. It’s always off to the new character that comes to town.

                    It really makes the character seem fickle. It means that the character doesn’t really have any great loves associated with him. ...Maybe his first love Chloe, but they haven’t explored them with EM’s Brady. Fans definitely have opinions about which relationships of his have been more successful: Chloe/Theresa are probably at the top, with a case maybe to be made for Kristen/Nicole. But regardless, the audience doesn’t trust Brady when he tells a character he “loves” them. The writers have always shown that it is waaaaay too easy for Brady to move on. It’s practically the sole personality trait for the character these days: moves on really, really fast from relationships.


                    • eileenregina
                      eileenregina commented
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                      So true. The fact is, Brady (with decent writing) should not even have a love interest at this point. He and Sarah have different people they are getting revenge on (Brady - Victor; Sarah-Xander) so they don't need to be involved with each other at all. Brady's story right now should focus solely on his ruining his Uncle's company not being part of Sarah's pathetic plot. This just makes both of them look like sleazeballs who will have casual sex just for the heck of it.

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                    Originally posted by Starrgirlfish View Post
                    Brady has had more love interests than any other character on the show, regardless of how old they are. ...Like seriously, I think he beats anyone

                    I would say Kate has him beat.

                    1. Curtis
                    2. Bill
                    3. Victor
                    4. Roman
                    5. Stefano
                    6. Andre
                    7. John
                    8. Clyde
                    9. Ted
                    10. EJ
                    11. Rafe
                    12. Nicholas
                    13. Eduardo
                    14. Deimos
                    15. Ian
                    16. Vincent (that mob boss)

                    Brady has:
                    1. Chloe
                    2. Nicole
                    3. Melanie
                    4. Theresa
                    5. Eve
                    6. Madison
                    7. Kristen
                    8. Arianna


                    • lagirl
                      lagirl commented
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                      Brady was in love with every one of them Kate never loved most of those named. And doesn't she have thirty years over Brady. Looks like Brady is up to a good start.

                    • Starrgirlfish
                      Starrgirlfish commented
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                      When I said ‘love interest’ I meant a full-fledged claiming he loves the person and telling said person, “I love you.”

                      Kate is problematic in and of herself though since she has been on the show since the 90s and hasn’t had any ‘great loves’ associated with her character. They just use her for all the ONS drama.

                  • #15
                    I cannot stand Sarah and her logic is so stupid. For a doctor, she is an idiot.

                    Brady is sexy which is why the writing always has him either in bed or looking to jump in bed.


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