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Little David Said What?


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  • Little David Said What?

    I found something rather funny in yesterdays episode. When Rafe went to the warehouse looking for David and after he recovered from being shot in the badge he said David told him Orpheus said that "he had one last game, his favorite game with John." WHAT? This kid said all that? All he ever says is "yeah." And didn't they mention the other day that David is like two! I know some two year olds talk a lot but not this kid.

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    I think the only kid to say less than he has was Sydney. I think she might have said 5 words from birth to the time she left Salem. I don't think this is even the first time Rafe has told someone David said a lot off screen. When he was giving his "I don't care what your real dad says, I'm your dad" creep speech I think he told someone else that David spoke in complete sentences to communicate his understanding, yet all we saw was him saying "yeah" repeatedly.


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      That little child is a gem. He's absolutely adorable and seems to engage with all the adults he works with. And I'm constantly amazed at his (their) line delivery. I rarely look forward to scenes with small children in them. But he is just the cutest.

      I think the little boys who play him would have been almost 3 when these episodes were filmed. David's 1st birthday was last fall before the time jump. So David should be 2 1/2 in these scenes. So the boys playing David are not much older than the character (based on when scenes were filmed. Which puts me in mind, their going to grow so much during this impromptu hiatus.


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        I was thinking the same thing. He really is adorable.

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      David didn't say that much to John and he was tied to a chair.


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