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Will we really see Dool before & after returning from COVID-19


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  • Will we really see Dool before & after returning from COVID-19

    I hope when Chad come home in July 2020 than Abby come home in Abby 2020!
    I hope Chabby still together that their love strong lover than had in past.
    love see Chabby and kids more and have Abby pregnant baby 3 and they leave salem normal family!
    they only comeback for visit like Shawn & Belle.
    wish primetime of Chabby better than did of Chabby in Paris!!

  • #2
    I am all for them leaving Salem. Abby can return alone when her family needs her. Poor BF having his own fans wanting him to lose his job, though.


    • #3
      Well Days as managed to be pandemic proof compared to the other three soaps so I won't think we'll see that much of a difference tbh.

      That being said I rather see Chabby leave town and make the occasional visit as after Jen waking up from her coma and JJ dealing with Haley's death there really was no point in them sticking around with very little to do.


      • JackandJenfan
        JackandJenfan commented
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        I agree wholeheartedly.

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      Why is this an article?


      • Abby_fan
        Abby_fan commented
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        I am wondering the same thing.

      • tiff5555
        tiff5555 commented
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        Abby_fan I thought it was a update but more like a fan hope for her couple. Should have titled it without the Tag “Hopes For My Couple”

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