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Week of May 25th Promo, Spoilers and Photos


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  • SPOILER! Week of May 25th Promo, Spoilers and Photos



    Extended Promo (Credit to JackandJenfan)


    Last edited by Chabby lover; May 22, 2020, 09:26 PM.

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    My Elani babies in a promo with their own storyline.

    Since she is the leading lady of Days, I am going to stomach this marriage thing with Eric. Nicole seems happy.

    Just let Stayla get back together all ready.


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      Ericole ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍


      • eileenregina
        eileenregina commented
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        I just hope it really happens this time!

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      I hope the baby stuff is a false positive. I'm over this garbage with Kayla. Until she is away from Justin I will not pay attention unless Steve is in her scenes. Nicole and Eric will never make it together.


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          I don’t want Eric and Nicole get married, I used to really like these two, but I don’t think they’re right for each other anymore.

          Poor dimples, sorry Justin it’s just a matter of time.

          If that was a pregnancy test Eli and Lani were looking at, I’m hoping it’s negative. Eli can do better, Lani just makes bad choices for no reason.


          • Harmonica1985
            Harmonica1985 commented
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            I agree with you completely.

          • shome
            shome commented
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            Hopefully, in a few weeks, or a couple months, Justin will be going home alone to a lasagna dinner until Adrienne comes back or he meets another woman.😀

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          Short promo huh? Interested in Steve getting his Sweetness back! Harmonica1985 are you happy?


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            I am loving the Promo. I like Eric and Nicole together and hope they do end up getting married

            Love Steve wanting Kayla back and it is a matter of time before he does get her back.. I do feel bad for Justin though it is a matter of time before he gets his heart broken

            I love it. Eli and Lani I hope they are pregnant again. I hope she gets to have a happy pregnancy this time around and doesn't lose this child. I love them. They are perfect for each other.


            • Harmonica1985
              Harmonica1985 commented
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              Eric and Nicole may marry but it won't last.

              Justin should bow out and move on because with Steve back he will never win.

              Eli and Lani are a horrible couple.

            • Chabby lover
              Chabby lover commented
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              Eli and Lani are a great couple. They are wonderful together and have so much chemistry they belong together. Eric and Nicole will probably end up married and always end up back together in the end.

            • Skins 2008
              Skins 2008 commented
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              Lani and Eli bore me they put me to sleep, I will say eli did have some funny lines on Thirsday which they would LA to do some more of that.

          • #9
            Did Nicole get the same washer that Ciara got?


            • #10
              Oh sweet moments for Elani and Ericole. I'm happy for both. Oh Justin, you are such a good man. I wish Adrienne would come back to you.


              • #11
                Extended promo!


                Will and Marlena 😍

                Ericole 😍❤❤❤❤🌹

                Eli's " Late for what? " 😂


                • #12
                  Will and Sonny and another baby 👶 YAY This is what I want.


                  • #13
                    Lani is wearing her braids. My girl!

                    Justin is missing Adrienne and trying to fill the void with Kayla. Justin needs to take a break to mourn Adrienne before he dates again. But then again, maybe he could hook up with Hope.


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                      Here is some of the spoilers from the NBC pics:
                      • Two pairs of lovebirds gets proposed!!! One of them is a long time coming!!!
                      • Goodbye to Sweet Abby...she is packing her bags for the sunshine state for treatment
                      • John lays it in to his father in law regarding his son, Brady. Meanwhile, Brady and Sarah, are playing with Xander's heart
                      • Justin ask his dead wife for permission to marry his Sweet Sunshine, Kayla

                      Keep on watching Days for more surprises! Download the NBC App to watch Days or watch it On Demand if you missed any of the episodes
                      Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!!! Oh yes, Days will be on this Monday...I think...


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