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Once again no Roman in this story


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  • Once again no Roman in this story

    I don't usually like to complain about the but it blows my mind that Roman is not involved in this Orpheus story again, He is the reason why Orpheus has all this hate in his body!

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    Does anybody really want to see JT leading this story? John was Roman when Marlena was kidnapped. RoJohn shot Orpheus. I don't need Roman.


    • rexjdk@msn.com
      [email protected] commented
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      I would rather have Roman than John!

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    Roman would be that great, it’s better we all pretend it was always John and Orpheus.


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      Originally posted by JackandJenfan View Post
      Does anybody really want to see JT leading this story? John was Roman when Marlena was kidnapped. RoJohn shot Orpheus. I don't need Roman.
      This is what I remember too. When Marlena came back after her capture in the famous pier scenes she calls out Roman to John who was not discovered yet to John and not Roman


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        Roman should be back running the Salem PD.


        • JackandJenfan
          JackandJenfan commented
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          He has too much integrity. He felt guilty covering crimes for loved ones.

        • longtimewatcher
          longtimewatcher commented
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          I don't remember him showing one iota of guilt over covering up for Hope shooting Stefano. Another reason I hated that story. Dragged him through the mud, too.

        • Silentfan
          Silentfan commented
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          That's why he quit. He felt guilty for doing it.

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        Roman should be part of this story indeed. A missing link without his presence.


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          Roman does not need to be a main player but he should be apart of this story JMO.


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            No offense to the actor at all but I've been watching this show for eight years and Roman has been a non-entity the entire time so this doesn't seem like anything new. I'm surprised they haven't written him off the the show yet like they did Lucas.


            • CanaryFan98
              CanaryFan98 commented
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              JT is friends with Ken Corday that's why then again so is GG and he's leaving

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            I wish they killed off Roman years ago we would be spared this glaring oversight. Plus its obvious the show has no interest in the character so why is he still around?

            I do agree he should be in this story.

            If they wanted JT on the show they should've had him reprise his role as Chris K. he would still have ties to the Bradys


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              Roman should be a main player, not some sidebar. This speaks to what mainly drove the character of Orpheus. I don't care that people don't like Josh Taylor in the role, either. It was all retconned history. It's not like we ever saw Wayne Northrop interact with Orpheus.

              Same with the age. Deidre is in her 70s and she's involved in the story. Story before this had her getting kidnapped again.
              If Josh is too old, so is she. Hell, Drake is in his lat 60s. The age argument could be made for all of them.

              Mind you, nothing they have done here, or in 2016, surprised me. I assumed they would make it all John. That doesn't make it right, though.

              Back in 2016, I thought I might have been wrong. I still remember this distinctly. Before the jail break. To Clyde, listing who he wanted payback from. First Roma, for Rebecca. I said maybe they will do it somewhat right.

              There was a scene where Roman sees a picture of Orpheus and recognizes him and explains they were in the ISA together. Didn't say anything about Rebecca. And there was zero interaction between him and Orpheus. Pretty much any episode Orpheus was in Roman wasn't.

              The flashback today. As the 2016 story went on, they were already contradicting what Orpheus himself said. In the flashback he flat out says John killed his wife. Also, nonsense like John "left him for dead". That's not what happened. He got killed in his own house. Died immediately when John shot him. Well, John said he was. John rushes to the airport, sees Marlena's plane crash. They tell him she's dead. Then there is a later scene at the house with Olivia, Orpheus' sister in law. She says she will take care of the children. John leaves and that is it. Where exactly he turned Orpheus' kids against him is beyond me. Probably never even met them. There would be no reason for anyone to badmouth him. They all thought he was dead. I suppose maybe not the ISA, but we didn't see the character going after them.

              'For the howmanyith time, it's about not wanting to deal with the John as Roman history. I get that and for the how manyith time, .then don't use this character because he is tied indelibly to that.
              It can't, or shouldn't be glossed over because too much of the character's motivations were tied to that one singular event. That one event that took him down this path.

              Yes, absolutely, this is ANCIENT history. Yet so was the character himself. They brought back a character who had been dead for over 29 years. I would guess that is, to some degree, for long time viewers. I can only speak definitively for this long time viewer. I care about the history.

              Personally, I think it might have made an interesting story seeing Orpheus try to reconcile the fact that he did all this stuff to this guy who it turned out wasn't even really the guy who killed his wife. Of course, there would have to be plenty of time to go after the guy who did do it.

              They were never going to do that, though. Sure as hell not back in 2016 when they wouldn't even mention that John was Roman.
              Ron has at least mentioned it some. Like when Diana came back. In 2016, they wouldn't do that.

              Bottom line, like it, dislike it, it's pretty clear that Roman will not be a part of the story. 2016 and now have shown that.


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