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  • Laura23
    Contract Poster
    • Feb 2013
    • 3100

    Absolutely do NOT want to see a Hope and Steve pairing....awful.
    I agree no to Maggie & Xander too and I do not want to see Chad & Gabi either. And definitely no Abe and Kate.
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    • pnorbert2222
      I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
      • Jul 2006
      • 9265

      personally I'm sick of all the Brady/Johnson in laws mingling lately.

      Most of these characters have been in laws for decades so it's pretty gross for Kayla with Justin or Hope with Steve.

      You should never bang your kid's aunt or uncle...even if it's an aunt or uncle by marriage.


      • Key
        Key commented
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        "You should never bang your kid's aunt or uncle...even if it's an aunt or uncle by marriage."

        I'm a boomer, but those are words to live by.
    • Starrgirlfish
      Executive Poster
      • Aug 2006
      • 3547

      Yeah, I’m definitely not down for a Hope/Steve pairing.

      ...To be honest, I FF any of the supes (in the right pairings or not). The lone exception is JnJ (love them ).

      Other pairings I have no interest in seeing:

      Ben & Ciara — they should have given them a more internal angsty dynamic, because they’re quite boring with their angst coming from only outside sources.

      Eli & Lani — I want to like them so badly. But I just don’t. ?‍♀️

      Rafe & anything that moves — The character has never had a successful pairing. Never.

      Sarah & Brady — The moment their revenge plot turns into the ‘Is this love??’ dynamic...they will immediately become FF material for me.

      Jack & Eve — No one wants to go through that ordeal ever again. To revisit will incite the worst kind of chaos.

      Kate & Roman — She deserves better.

      Eric & Sarah — Please no.


      • July Baby
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Nov 2010
        • 14707

        Originally posted by Carlys #1 Fan View Post
        Gabi and anyone
        Rafe and anyone
        Hope with anyone but Bo. At this point recast already.
        Julie & Doug, John & Marlena, Steve & Kayla, Jack
        & Jennifer, Steve & Kayla with anyone but eachother
        Tears R Us- Eric & Nicole. Horrible. Nicole belongs with Brady.
        Abe & Kate
        "Tears R Us" -


        • Blue77
          Lurking in the Shadows
          • Apr 2020
          • 17

          Hope and Steve
          Jack and Eve
          Eric and Sarah
          Justin and Kayla
          Stefan and wig


          • RickySpanish
            Contract Poster
            • Dec 2018
            • 3400

            Xander and Hope... Like Mother like daughter, loving the bad boys.

            Xander and Gwen?


            • dqc0525
              Board Regular
              • Feb 2012
              • 811

              Chad & Abby
              Eli & Lani
              Eli & Gabi
              Lani & any man that was with Gabi prior to her (girl you look thirsty)
              Xander & Sarah
              Brady & Sarah
              Brady & Kristen
              Ben & Ciara (was a fan in the beginning but they became boring really quick, plus I always thought her and Theo was endgame)


              • Skins 2008
                Aspiring soap scribe
                • Jul 2008
                • 19884

                Ciara and Theo I found them boring.


                • Elle23276
                  Elle23276 commented
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                  KP as Theo was the flattest character ever portrayed. Flat, perfunctory, and utterly boring. Other than VJ as Ciara, that is. ?
              • Key
                Soap Addict
                • Sep 2015
                • 6720

                Originally posted by dqc0525 View Post
                Ben & Ciara (was a fan in the beginning but they became boring really quick, plus I always thought her and Theo was endgame)
                Now that you mention it, let's think about what Theo would say if he came back and saw Ciara hitching her wagon to a serial killer. Since Bo can't, somebody's got to flip out. Theo has the additional advantage of not having gotten accustomed to it gradually. He will see it differently than others who have been introduced to it slowly over time.

                So if no one has told him, imagine the hair-on-fire scene he'd make, to discover her about to wed a homicidal maniac "in recovery."


                • Elle23276
                  Elle23276 commented
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                  Is he living in a bubble in Johannesburg?
              • tiff5555
                Aspiring soap scribe
                • Jul 2007
                • 62313

                Originally posted by Skins 2008 View Post
                Ciara and Theo I found them boring.
                Yes, I found them boring as hell.


                • kahinamah
                  kahinamah commented
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                  Likewise, they were boring. We already have Lani and Eli boring version.

                • tiff5555
                  tiff5555 commented
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                  kahinamah yep, I sentiments exactly. It would just have me zoning out. Would rather Lani dip in bed with Brady! They would be hot together and Kristen very bitter!

                • kahinamah
                  kahinamah commented
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                  Same, Lani / Eli and Theo / Ciara it's so dull, lifeless, two couples of zombie
              • MyriVerse
                Board Regular
                • Feb 2017
                • 605

                Justin & anyone
                Roman & anyone
                Victor & Maggie
                Ben & Ciara
                Chad & anyone

                I want Abe to have someone, but I haven't liked him with anyone for ages.


                • lagirl
                  Soap Addict
                  • Nov 2006
                  • 5612

                  Abigail and anyone
                  Gabi and Stefan
                  Eli and Lani
                  Brady and anyone
                  Sami and Lucas
                  Sami and Rafe
                  Last edited by lagirl; May 25, 2020, 04:11 PM.


                  • Elle23276
                    Board Regular
                    • Aug 2018
                    • 1024

                    Lucas & Adrienne were puke-worthy....looked like he was in bed with his mother. The WORST for me was Shane & Kim....she's probably the worst character ever written on daytime, imo. Steve & Hope are unimaginable romantically....yuck


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