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Daytime Emmy nominations tomorrow; Awards to air on CBS on June 26


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  • Jason47
    Contract Poster
    • Jun 2004
    • 2752

    Daytime Emmy nominations tomorrow; Awards to air on CBS on June 26

    NEW YORK (May 20, 2020) — The 47th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards will be presented in a two-hour special on Friday, June 26 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, CBS and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) today announced. This will mark the 14th time CBS has broadcast the Daytime Emmys®, more than any other network.

    “The Daytime Emmys are coming home,” said Adam Sharp, President & CEO of NATAS. “For generations, daytime television has been a source of comfort and continuity that’s never been more important. We’re delighted to join with CBS in celebrating the programs and professionals who never cease to brighten our days.”

    “As a leader in Daytime, we are thrilled to welcome back the Daytime Emmy Awards,” said Jack Sussman, Executive Vice President, Specials, Music and Live Events for CBS. “Daytime television has been keeping viewers engaged and entertained for many years, so it is with great pride that we look forward to celebrating the best of the genre here on CBS.”

    The Daytime Emmy® Awards have recognized outstanding achievement in daytime television programming since 1974. The awards are presented to individuals and programs broadcast between 2:00 am and 6:00 pm, as well as certain categories of digital and syndicated programming of similar content.

    This year’s awards honor content from more than 2,700 submissions that originally premiered in calendar-year 2019, judged by a pool of 1,000 peer professionals from across the television industry. Nominees in the competition’s 100 categories will be announced tomorrow, May 21, on the CBS Daytime program “The Talk” and ETOnline.com, followed by wide release to other interested outlets.

    The June 26 telecast will be produced by the National Academy and Associated Television International (ATI), which previously produced the Daytime Emmy® Awards on The CW in 2009 and CBS’ most recent broadcasts in 2010 and 2011.

    “In these challenging times, daytime has been a primary influence in staying connected with its audience, entertaining them, and keeping them informed,” said 47th Annual Daytime Emmys® executive producer and director David McKenzie of Associated Television International. “We are honored to be a part of it. We are also excited for the challenge of introducing a new format that will celebrate the contributions of daytime television.”

    Awards will be presented in leading categories during the telecast, with recipients and other special guests appearing from home in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Additional categories will be announced simultaneously on Twitter (@DaytimeEmmys), and others will be presented in a separate ceremony in July
  • JackandJenfan
    Soap Addict
    • Jul 2018
    • 6232

    Interesting. Hope my faves are nominated!


    • savytabby
      Soap Addict
      • May 2014
      • 6260

      Wow, I am so excited that it's being aired on TV again, just bummed it won't the red carpet gala we've seen in the past. But I'll take what I can and I hope this means it will be aired on TV again in future years.


      • Beca Drags
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Apr 2005
        • 27181

        I can't believe they're coming back to a regular network channel! First time in years, and now they can't even have a live audience.


        • tashasummer75
          Day Player
          • May 2015
          • 9880

          Originally posted by JackandJenfan View Post
          Interesting. Hope my faves are nominated!
          I hope CB and BB our nominated


          • tiff5555
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Jul 2007
            • 61578

            Okay so they did not canceled it. Thanks Jason!


            • Flowercity79
              Soap Addict
              • Oct 2017
              • 6063

              Awesome! Glad its beinf televised again


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