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Days of our lives ratings May 11th-15th,2020


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  • Days of our lives ratings May 11th-15th,2020

    Total Viewers:
    3. DAYS 1,983,000 (-10,000/-31,000)

    3. DAYS 1.42/5 (-.02/-.09)

    Women 18-49 Viewers:
    1. DAYS 254,000 (-3,000/-32,000)(tie)

    Women 18-49 Rating:
    1. DAYS 0.39/4 (same/-.05)(tie)

    Women 18-34 Viewers:
    3. DAYS 46,000 (+5,000/-11,000)

    Women 18-34 Rating:
    3. DAYS 0.13 (+.01/-.03) <—– ties low rating (2nd straight week) *

    * Rounded to 0.1

    Women 25-54 Viewers:
    2. DAYS 367,000 (-1,000/-10,000)

    Women 25-54 Rating:
    2. DAYS 0.6 (same/-.02)

    Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers:
    Monday: 1.37/1,914,000
    Tuesday: 1.51/2,112,000
    Wednesday: 1.45/2,070,000
    Thursday: 1.44/2,014,000
    Friday: 1.35/1,805,000

    (There were preemptions that occurred during the week)
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    The ratings are bad, but we still in 2m....don't know how that is. I guess it both work in favors of one section is low and the other section is high. But if both are low, that is a problem with Days. Soo far the 3 days of 2m, is okay or good.


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      Days has been the only soap in town with 5 new episodes a week and they continue to lose viewers. Between the stories and characters that are getting the most play, I can see why. I don't feel like watching much either.
      It's too bad the show isn't putting out a better product given the circumstances.


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        Oh my gosh!!! So sad to see this!!! Not sure what to even say anymore!! For me I have been villained out for quite a while. Tired of druggings, mind control, sticking people with needles/serums, kidnappings, threatening murder and attempting murder, etc. I know that they are staples of this soap but constant and never-ending is too much. There have been some good performances, but obviously not enough!!


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          The problem is, there is a lack of interest. Days is playing it safe and don’t think the recast of Kristen is helping out either despite the heart and soul that Stacy gives.


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            Damn, this is horrible.


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