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Tuesday's episode- the good and the bad


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  • Tuesday's episode- the good and the bad

    The good:

    1) Finally- a scene with Marlena and Zoey! Although it was understandably shortened due to John's kidnapping, it was nice to finally show them meeting and talking about their time together. Amazingly enough, as the show is relying on more flashbacks from episodes from the past week to elongate episodes in case they can't resume filming before long, no one thought to include a flashback or two from when Marlena actually was with Zoey and Christian when they were children, or when Orpheus held her captive.

    2) Marlena enlisted Steve, Hope, and Rafe, or as Orpheus called them, the second rate Avengers LOL! I loved that Orpheus KNEW Marlena would contact them.

    The bad:

    1) I'm not a doctor, but how does CPR revive someone who hanged them self? Sorry to be morbid, but the noose snaps their neck, doesn't it? And wasn't it great how Xander ran into her cell and saved her life by performing CPR, and then the next scene had them in the prison infirmary getting caught up, while Kayla arrived to give Maggie the A OK she's in good health. As opposed to, oh I don't know, maybe the prison medical staff? I will be so happy when no one in Salem is in prison so they can lose that prison set.

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