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Zoe didn't see that broken up about Chris going to jail


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  • Zoe didn't see that broken up about Chris going to jail

    I think she knows deep down he belongs there. Why should he kill someone and get off scot free?

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    I think she was a little upset. I don't think he deserves to be in jail at all. Ben, Gabi now these people should be in jail they have done horrible things. Christan does not deserve to be in jail for making one little mistake while being kept from his son. It was a crime of passion.


    • varlena
      varlena commented
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      He killed someone. It wasn't a little mistake.

    • turtlesturtles
      turtlesturtles commented
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      He made a little mistake? Gabi and Ben did horrible things but Chris didn't?

    • Terileeh
      Terileeh commented
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      Great defense, I kurdered someone in cold blood but it was a little mistake so I shouldn't be punished. Maybe they should give Chris the same prescription as Ben. If serial killer can be let loose into society and then date a prominent character then why can't Chris be out and raise his child? Another stupid storyline.

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