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Is there a future for Christian/Evan?


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  • Is there a future for Christian/Evan?

    He has great potential I hope he sticks around
    I don’t really see a future for him in Salem

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    Nope. There is not whatsoever


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      Can't stand him. He murdered Jordan, and doesn't appear to have any "excuse" like mental illness. He simply murdered her. He has no real redeeming qualities either. He's whiney, and expresses no remorse for murdering his son's mother. At this point the only thing I see that brings him value is for something bad to happen to him so that Orpheus can suffer.
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      • eileenregina
        eileenregina commented
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        Why is he not in jail for murder?

      • SBT4171
        SBT4171 commented
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        elleenregina: Christian just got sent to prison for 20 years for killing Jordan.

      • RickySpanish
        RickySpanish commented
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        gymguy68 Yeah that's another big point. Being boring is a real bad thing for a character unless they are supposed to be (like a kind elderly character)

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      Nope. The moment Jordan provoked him, he lost his temper, and accidentally killed her (still waiting on the explanation for her clearly being alive when he let her go) she became good. All her past sins were forgiven and her victims instantly became her champions. Doesn't matter that she ran off with his kid without telling him he existed and then threatened to disappear with him again. Nope. Didn't matter that she attempted to murder Ciara multiple times, one such time nearly poisoning Ari and poisoning Rafe. Nah. She was all good.

      This is the same blatant writing we've seen with villains in recent years. And he's not even that much of a villain. Far less than Kristen, Victor, Xander, and others that wander free.

      This is all fake drama so creeper Rafe can keep David from his real family. Hopefully Zoe gets custody and Rafe can't get anywhere near the kid again.


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        Not on my screen. I hit my FF button the minute I see him - or Zoey - or Orpheus.


        • #6
          He's boring to me......


          • #7
            I chose I want to see him around...he could have been Paul’s man.


            • #8
              I would have said yes yesterday. But since they brought in the new Zoey...nope he can go and take Zoey 2.0 with him.

              I liked the dynamic with Christian and the old Zoey. To me they looked alike. Now it's gone.


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