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Days live discussion 5/14/2020


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  • Days live discussion 5/14/2020

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Eli sitting in HTS on his phone and Lani comes up, asks him if he has a minute. He says not really and starts to turn away but she stops him; Lani knows he is still mad. He says for aiding and abetting an attempted murderer?? She says she knows she put him in a tough spot so she is going to confess. He calls her name as she walks away; Rafe gets a call says well that's a lot sooner than I expected. Zoey with Evan, she says the jury already reached a verdict. Evan asks if that is good news or bad. Orpheus arrives and says he wants to know that too; Chad and Abby waiting for Marlena, Jack and Jennifer arrive and Gabi starts to hallucinate Stefan and Gabi Ben but doesn't tell them. Chad asks what is it, who do you see?; Abby says I see Ben but I know its not real. He says no, its me Chad. She says his name and starts to cry. He cups her face and whispers see me. She says yes, its you and hugs him. She still sees Gabi and Stefan when she looks at Jack and Jennifer tho She tells Chad I need help; ake asks Gabi what she is doing there. Flashback to her putting serum in the needle. He tells her whatever it is can we get it over with? I have work to do. She says she has something for him; Abby wants to know why this is still happening to her. Jack and Jennifer and Chad all consoling her and Marlena comes up and asks what is going on? "Abigail, its Dr Evans" Jack and Jennifer say she seems to recognize Chad. Marlena says lets go talk privately and Abby agrees if Chad goes too; Gabi pretends she is there to give Jake back his antibiotic cream. He snarks thanks for bringing it back, always a pleasure to see you. She takes out the needle when Jake has his back turned; Lani comes into the PD to talk to Rafe, Rafe says its not a good time the verdict is in. He rushes off. Zoey has seen quick verdicts go either way, innocent or guilty. Evan says well that's comforting; Zoey says once she got the confession thrown out the evidence was thin. They hug. Orpheus sends Evan into the courtroom to have a quick word with Zoey. He says he decided to trust her, she better have pulled this off, his life is on the line;

    Abigail in a hospital bed, Marlena asks if she is feeling better, and about her running away. Abby says she ran home cause she thought Gabi was after her. She tells them about Kate and Abe; Abby is telling Marlena what she is seeing and Chad keeps answering for them. He thinks Abby sees Gabi as a threat and that's why she keeps imagining this; Gabi goes to stab Jake with the serum and Ben stops her. Jake says what are you trying to kill me and Gabi says no, I was trying to bring you back;Lani typing on her computer as Eli RUNS in; Eli surprised she is still working after confessing. She says she didn't get the chance to tell Rafe yet. Eli wants to talk about her confessing; Rafe comes in and Zoey is standing in the foyer. Orpheus comes out, Evan got 2 years in prison. Rafe scoffs is he supposed to feel bad? Rafe says he deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail, he killed the mother of his child; Evan comes out in handcuffs and Rafe gets in his face, threatening, mean mugging, he is riding with him to Statesville; Jake tells Gabi your husband is dead and she says no he isn't and that shot will prove it; Jen is so upset, she is glad Jack is there with her. Marlena says they are going to get her help and take care of her. She asks who is in the room with her? She says its you guys, Chad and Marlena. She hallucinates Orpheus who says "what about me?";

    Abby says Marlena, its Orpheus! Marlena turns quickly. They tell Abigail focus on them, on whats real, no one else is there. She stops seeing the hallucinations and tells Marlena you need to make them go away. They give her something to sleep; Marlena says she will go talk to Abby's family and tells them they will both be alright there. Rafe tells Evan, go ahead, say goodbye. Orpheus tells him he will find a way to get him out. Zoey apologizes; Evan says its not her fault but Orpheus clearly disagrees. Zoey says she will get custody and Rafe, listening to them, interrupts and disagrees;


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      Rafe says oh well times up; Eli and Lani go into the interrogation room and Lani says Kristen deserves her daughter. Eli reminds her she doesn't get to make that decision. If this comes to light Lani will be the one locked up and he doesn't want that. She is surprised; Lani says you have been so upset with me. Eli says he still is but he knows she only did it cause she has a big heart; Eli says like before she helps all the others and her life gets destroyed in the end. He won't let that happen this time, its gonna stay between them; Jake tells Gabi she is out of her mind. Ben says she knows Stefan is dead. Gabi says Rolf told her what he did. Jake scoffs, he knows who he is. He tells her what are you watching too much Black Mirror?; Gabi says remember how Rolf brought back Will? Jake says who the hell is Will? Ben asks doesn't that serum have all those bad side effects? Gabi says its been perfected; Gabi says we all deserve to have Stefan back; Gabi tells Ben to inject Stefan, he deserves to have his life back; Ben says there is no way in hell he will inject Jake with a syringe of god knows what, but he wants to call the cops. Jake says no, not worth the hassle; Gabi says give my syringe back, I went thru a lot to get it. He runs away with it as she shouts Ben Weston; Lani was only going to confess for Eli, she hates that he lied for her. He says I haven't lied, no one asked me for any info. She says you have been so upset and distant. He says yes, cause you got yourself in trouble; Eli lost her once, not ever gonna lose her again; Orpheus tells Zoey he knows more about the criminal justice system than she will ever learn. He told her to put Christian on the stand, the jury would have believed him; Zoey says she will appeal and get custody. Orpheus is rethinking all that. This is her last chance, she needs to do things his way. She says the way you and Christian did things last year; Ben with Marlena at the hospital. He asks her to analyze the contents of the syringe he got from Gabi but he doesn't want to say anything else. "Since its YOU I'll do my best.";

      Orpheus tells Zoey so this is what you've been hinting at, Christian told you what we did last year. She says I pulled it out of him, I need to know everything as his attorney. Orpheus tells her you can't tell anyone and she says she would never; Orpheus tells her she is in it too, keep her mouth shut or they all go down. Gabi asks if Jake thinks Ben changed his mind about calling the cops; Gabi says listen, I can't force you to talk to me. But I know what its like to lose your memory, well not me but my daughters father. It was torture but then he got his memory and his life back; Gabi tells him this life you are living is not real, don't you want your real life back Stefan? Jake insists his name is not Stefan! Gabi says we had a few good months, we could be happy still; Jake says its all great you had something nice with Stefan but I know who I am and I know my past and you are nothing to me. Gabi says I was everything to you. Jake shouts let it go; Lani loves Eli too but she can't ask him to keep this secret. He says she didn't ask, they won't tell Rafe or anyone else; Eli and Lani making out and Rafe comes in. He's all happy cause Evan went to jail; Rafe feeling good about the custody battle. Lani surprised he didn't go home to be with David. He said he wanted to but she had something to tell him?;

      Chad saw Ben before and asked him what was going on. Jen and Jack with a sleeping Abby, she tells him he can go back to work but he says no, last time I wasn't here. This time I am staying right with you; Chad says I heard you say what Gabi did - did she say what was in the syringe? He tells Ben he is the eyewitness Chad needs to put that bitch away; Gabi feels the electricity between them. Jake thinks she has a high opinion of herself. She thinks there is a part of him that wants those answers but its out of her hands now, its up to him; Lani says you know me I make everything sound like an emergency but I just wanted to update you on Kristen's case. There's no leads and no info; Evan going to jail so Rafe could continue to steal his child is everything he was hoping for. Eli and Lani hug him and go; Marlena on the phone in her office, saying the patient is Abigail DiMera - the sooner the better, I am very worried about her. Orpheus walks in and says the one you should be worried about is yourself; Zoey comes up to Rafe and he says you won't win custody cause your brother just got convicted; Zoey says she is there to talk about someone else murder; SHOW OVER


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        I am sorry but Rafe telling Zoey she is not going to get custody because her brother got convicted is the stupidest thing look at your family Rafe, Gabi, Dario, Eduardo they are all convicts so that means you would not win custody either because you have convict family. Your sister is a sociopath, Your father is a big time criminal and your brother Dario is a criminal also you really don't want to go there.


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        Originally posted by Chabby lover View Post
        I am sorry but Rafe telling Zoey she is not going to get custody because her brother got convicted is the stupidest thing look at your family Rafe, Gabi, Dario, Eduardo they are all convicts so that means you would not win custody either because you have convict family. Your sister is a sociopath, Your father is a big time criminal and your brother Dario is a criminal also you really don't want to go there.
        If Ben and Jake don't call the police then how does Gabi get arrested? And does Jake get attack by the Thugs and they think Gabi had something to do with it.


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          No at the end Chad said Ben could be the witness to get Gabi arrested and put behind bars especially because Ben seen Gabi attack Jake with the syringe and Ben took the syringe to get checked to find out what is in it.

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        I don’t like the new Zoey!!!


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          She's not as tough as the other actress who played the role.


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            KM has been spectacular in this story. Emmy worthy again!! Loving Chad being right there to hold onto her as well as Jen and Jack!!! Always loved her scenes with her parents!! Wish they had shared a lot more scenes!!

            Loved that Eli is still loving Lani and loved that she wanted to do the right thing and turn herself in!! Not crazy about Eli and Lani who were the only straight cops not being so straight but what they are doing is minor compared to most of the squad....past and present.

            Had to FF some of Gabi's crazy ranting. She has become a lunatic along with being a menace to everybody. What should have been a cute and different story has turned into another of Gabi's nightmare schemes. First threatening death to trying to inject Jake with who the heck knows what. I thought they might finally move her away from villainy but even Ben wanted to call the cops!! Still think Jake is cute but hope they are not going to make him bad news. But if thugs are out to get him, not looking good. Unless he is in on some sort of crazy set up!!!

            KM was definitely the hightlight of the show. Will miss her!!


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