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Days live discussion 5/12/2020


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  • Days live discussion 5/12/2020

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Chinese food and dull conversation; Ciara opens the will you marry me fortune cookie and reads it out loud. Ben says of course I will marry you, the question is will you marry me; Hope texting and reading it out loud to Ciara - would love to catch up with my favorite daughter, feels like its been forever, love you, Momma; Steve dressed up, its the one year anniversary of Adrienne's death, he is finally going to pay his respects. Justin at Adrienne's grave, he can't believe its been a year since he lost her; Justin says what a year, and he is telling Adrienne all the news about Maggie and the baby switch. He says one of the things he misses the most is the way she listened and looked at him the way only she would while he rambled on about his crazy family; Justin turns and Kayla is behind him. Brady and Xander get to Chad and Abby's apartment and Brady looks in the bedroom while Xander finds a baby toy he gave Mickey on the floor; Sarah babytalking at Rachel and Kristen walks up. "Foreboding music"; Kristen asks where the hell do you think you're going with my baby??; Sarah asks how Kristen found her. Kristen says it doesn't matter, what matters is I am here and I am not letting you take my baby away from me for another second; Rachel starts to cry and Sarah picks her up and snarls she is my daughter and no one will take her away from me; Kayla figured he would be there but then is sorry she interrupted. He says wait, tell me what you came here to tell me. She wanted to tell him he was right, she was upset that Steve went home with Hope; Kayla doesn't think anything is going on, she is just upset Steve went home with anyone besides her; Hope thinks its late, tells Steve go to the cemetery in the morning. He says I am a year late already; Ben gets down on one knee and proposes and she says yes; Brady and Xander and Rex talk about what happened and Kristen looking for the baby. Sarah says we have a train to catch. Kristen tells her you can go wherever you want but my little girl is staying with me;

    Sarah tells Kristen to get out of the way, and tells her that's not your baby, its mine. Sarah sobs I have been her mother every single second of every day; Sarah cries she held Mickey while they put needles in her little body and pumped her full of poison and I told her Mama was here. Kristen says that should have been me! All those moments, the good, the god-awful, were stolen from me; Sarah tells Kristen she is a bad person who does horrible things and hurts people, she isn't capable of being a good mother. "If you ever really loved her you would just let us go." Kristen says that will never happen; Justin owes Kayla an apology too, he was a little harsh, and its hypocritical he is at Adrienne's grave and he was critical of her feelings for Steve. He gets choked up, he knows just because you lose someone those feelings don't go away; Steve and Hope come up to the grave. Rex gives Brady the list of the train stations Kristen was going to and asks him to go easy on Sarah. Rex stops Xander, tells him leave Sarah alone. Xander says she needs me; Sarah will scream if Kristen tries to take the baby away. Kristen says she is my daughter and I am so grateful for everything you have done. But every day you took care of my baby I grieved yours; Kristen says every day she felt her baby crying for her, trying to tell her that she was still here. "My baby is alive and I am so sorry that my joy is your grief." She thanks Sarah for holding her when she couldn't; Kristen is here and she thinks Rachel knows it. She says I am asking you to give me the child that was stolen from me. Sarah cries all over the baby, kisses her and hands her over to Kristen; Ciara asks doesn't this include a ring? He said he wanted to propose as soon as he got a job, so he doesn't have a money for a ring, but its a washer from her carburetor;

    Kristen rocking Rachel and Brady and Xander rush in. Sarah takes off and Xander chases her. Brady and Kristen kiss and hold the baby; Steve tells Justin he is so sorry they lost Adrienne, he knew how much Justin loved her and how much Adrienne loved him. Justin says she loved you too, you were a good brother. Justin and Kayla leave;


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      "Hey baby sister. Sorry it took me so long to get here." Brady says Rachel looks just like her mommy; "We had some good times together didn't we Adrienne? And maybe some not so good, but we got thru those too. You were always there for me, with all your heart and sass." Steve says he could use her wisdom right now; "I wasn't a good brother. I tried. I know it was an accident but if I could have been here maybe I could have done something. It's too late." Steve starts to cry "I miss you baby, I miss you so much. I'll never forget you."; Steve breaks down and Hope comes behind him and hugs him; Sarah gets back to the apartment. Rex asks if she is ok and where the baby is. Sarah says she is with her parents. Kristen and Brady happy, says this feels like the first day she held her a year ago. Brady tells Rachel she is a little gift; Brady says lets find a hotel for tonight and we can go home tomorrow. Kristen says she can never go back to Salem; Ciara stares at her ****ty ring and seriously loves it. He asks how she wants to spend their first evening as an engaged couple. She wants to start planning their wedding; Kayla and Justin in the pub, says she is ok with seeing Hope and Steve together and they kiss. Hope and Steve come into the pub and Justin sighs "small town." Steve says they just want a drink but can leave. Justin calls wait; Brady thinks he can get Victor to change his mind but she says we can't trust anything he says. If I set foot in Salem I will be locked up and the key thrown away. He says no, we will fight it together, it will be ok. She says no, we will lose; Kristen says I will not spend a minute away from our baby girl. Look, we have the tickets and the stroller, its the perfect time to disappear. Brady says let's go! Let's just go. She loves him but can't let him do that; Sarah asks why Rex is still there? He knew she would change her mind and do right by the baby and when she did she would need a friend. She asks how he can be nice after what she did to him? He knows what a good person she is; Brady says of course I am going. Kristen asks what about Tate? If you go you are aiding and abetting a fugitive, you can't see Tate again; Kristen says if we get caught Rachel will lose both parents and Tate will lose his father

      Kristen will turn herself in and he can raise Rachel and visit her. He says no, this child was what you wanted your whole life. Brady is bummed his plan to go to jail for her didn't work; Kristen says no one has ever sacrificed so much for me. He says and now I will have to, I will have to let you and Rachel go; Brady knows that Vic is a threat, so if he has to let her go to protect her he will. He says maybe that picket fence was never in their future. She says because of me but he tells her look how far you've come; Brady picks up Rachel to say goodbye. He tells her she is his little miracle and he will love her to the moon and back again. Kristen says a life with him is all she ever wanted. Who would have thought she would have chosen to be a mother first; Brady says he did, the day Rachel was born; Ciara talking about what they want for the wedding and Ben is just yessing her. She tells him come over and look at the notes she made and it says "will you make love to your fiance"; Justin asks Steve and Hope to join them. Kayla insists, they all loved Adrienne and they can raise a glass together; Xander in the apartment doorway, asks Rex to give them privacy. Sarah screams she lost her baby cause of him and she never wants to see him again. Rex says don't make things worse, leave her in peace; Brady tells Rachel Isabella to take care of her mom. He hands her back to Kristen and they hug and kiss. Kristen puts her in the stroller as Brady starts to cry. She tells him I know, and I want you to know I am going to tell her everything about you;

      Kristen will tell Rachel she has her daddy's eyes and his beautiful smile, and everything I love about you which will take an entire lifetime. She promises to give Rachel the love and the life he would want her to have. They kiss and cry; Brady tells her go, and they tell each other I love you. Kristen leaves and Brady cries, alone in the train station. SHOW OVER


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        a rare day days wasn't interrupted for me and a rare day i saw a kristen episode uninterrupted in full that turns out to be Stacy H's farewell


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          So very strange. Brady reunited with his infant daughter, and her mother, in Paris...but lets them go off alone. Can't even escort them to a hotel, or better yet a private jet to wherever. Just...adios and good luck, eh?


          • lagirl
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            One week from now it will be Kristin who and he certainly does not care about his daughter.

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          doesn't matter. i saw kristen uninterrupted today and that's all i care about and mystery woman emily obrien first air date


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            Thanks for posting. At least they didn't have Steve say more wrong stuff about Adrienne. That didn't look like a washer to me.🤔 I take that back, I looked up motorcycle washers and they look like that.
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