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Days live discussion 5/8/2020


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  • Days live discussion 5/8/2020

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Xander in the mansion. He sees a pic of Sarah and looks sad, has a flashback to Sarah screaming at him at their wedding; Xander tells the photo he did it for her, he has to make her understand that. He takes out his phone. Sarah packing up, talking all cutesy to Mickey about their adventure while a tied up Rex watches. Her phone rings; Eli at work, he is angry. Lani asks if they can please talk about what she did. She wants to explain. He says you let Kristen sneak out and you lied to me - what else is there to explain??; Lani says Kristen had good reason to stab someone and she is her friend. Eli tells her she is lucky she didn't get arrested, what was she thinking?; Jake finishes bandaging Gabi's wound and says is it safe you assume you won't be suing me? She says no, but you do have to mop the floor. She says there is a simple way to find out what she wants to know and kisses him; Jake pushes her away and he says why the hell did you do that? She says cause you are my husband, till death do us part by the grace of God or Rolf or whatever. Jake thinks she is nuts; Ciara finds Ben; Ben moans and groans and holds his head. Ciara tries to help him up and asks what happened. He says two guys showed up, talked some smack and then they attacked him with a crowbar; Ciara wants to take him to the ER but he says no. She says ok but let me call the cops then; Jake says you are right I am standing here and very much alive but not as Stefan DiMera. "So pack up the crazy and get out of here"; Jake says maybe your husband jumped in front of the bullet to get away from you. Gabi says that's a terrible thing to say; Gabi says he kissed her back, no matter how things were with Stefan, we kissed and boom. Jake says there was no boom, I didn't kiss you back. She insists he did and he liked it; Rex shouting a muffled "answer it" but Sarah says so he can talk me into coming back? No way. Xander leaves a voicemail please call me back; Lani knows what she did was wrong but she was desperate. Eli says she fed you a sob story and you bought it. What if she goes after Sarah the same way she went after Victor? Lani says she won't do that. Eli says why, cause she pinky sweared??;

    Eli says we took an oath to uphold the law. Lani says some things are more important than the law. He replies that's not for you to decide.; Lani says if you can't understand a mother looking for her child is more important than anything then cuff me; Ciara says the cops are on their way, she is upset he is hurt. He says bruised ribs and a bump on the head I've had worse, but one thing might help. They make out; Ciara asks if Ben recognized them or if they robbed the place. He says it was more of a warning, they thought I was Jake; Jake insists he didn't feel anything with the kiss and isn't interested. She asks why he rushed over when she fainted then? He says I am a decent human being and she insists no its because you are Stefan; Gabi says maybe you don't remember but you are Stefan, I know this in my heart. "Are you on any prescription medication?" Jake is jealous of her husband because wherever he is she can't harass him like she is harassing Jake; "What are you waiting for Mr Law and Order, cuff me."; Eli gets a call about an assault. Lani goes to leave with him and he says no, now that I know you aren't interested in upholding the law I don't want you to come along; Xander with Victor, asks how he is feeling. "Like I got stabbed in the heart by a knife wielding maniac" Xander tells Victor that Maggie knows everything; Sarah tells Rex she will make sure someone comes to let Rex out once she is far away. Then she says it was nice to see you; She takes the gag off and Rex asks where she is going, and to think about what she is doing. Sarah says Mickey and I are going to start again somewhere else and it will be great; Sarah gags Rex again and says she is sorry for hitting him and for this and all of it. She opens the door and Jeanne Marie is there;

    Jack and Jen in the pub, he brings them coffee and they look at the menu. She doesn't want to eat but he insists, she hasn't eaten all day. He says we just came from the hospital, Chad will call them if something happens


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      Do a bloody DNA test on Stefan/Jake already. If I wanted to shut someone up about my identity that' what I'd do.


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        Jen can't stop thinking about Abby, so smart in school, got all A's, the teachers said she was so hard working. It doesn't seem fair, Abby has struggled so hard and overcome this and now everything is starting all over again; Jack insists its not the same, Abby was poisoned. When its out of her system she will be the same again. Jen says that's not what Marlena said. He agrees Marlena warned them there could be lingering problems but he can't go there; Jack tells Jen that they have to be optimistic. She agrees but says we also have to be optimistic that they prove Gabi did this. To make Abby lose her mind again, nothing could be more cruel. Jack hopes Gabi gets what she deserves; Gabi refuses to leave till Jake admits he is her husband. She asks for a glass of water and he says I will get you a "glass of get the hell out of here"; Gabi says if you want me out call the police. He takes out his phone but stops. She says oh you won't call cause you are Stefan. He says ok this ends now. Eli comes in and is taking Ben's statement; Ben says they thought he was his boss. Eli asks when did you start working here? He asks where the boss is and Ben says he is upstairs with Gabi. Jake pushes Gabi into the room as she shouts at him in spanish; Jake says when are you going to get it thru your head that I am not.....Eli says Stefan DiMera??; Lani leaving a voicemail for Kristen. Brady walks in and says DA Giddens overruled her boyfriend, charges against him have been dropped. He has to find Kristen but she's gone. Lani tells him wait; Victor upset that Xander told Maggie. He says better me than some random cellmate. Xander tells him that Maggie fell apart. Victor tries to get up, wants to see Maggie; Sarah holding the door mostly closed behind her as Rex screams thru the gag. Jeanne Marie squints thru her thick glasses and says who is that??; Eli asks Stefan- is that really you? Gabi says even a cop thinks that you are really you. Jake introduces himself; Ben tells Jake the assailants thought he was Jake. Eli asks why would someone want to beat you up? Xander called Will to go be with Maggie; Xander is going to find Sarah before anyone else does and straighten out this mess;

        Lani tells Brady she can help him, she knows where Kristen is. Brady asks if she helped her? Lani says I shouldn't have but I did cause of her baby; Lani would do anything to have another chance with her baby. Brady thanks her and asks where Kristen is and if they have any idea where Sarah and the baby are; Jeanne Marie says oh, that's Charles, right? Sarah says yep, its Chad. Jeanne Marie says oh, lovebirds back in the nest. Rex trying to talk to her and she comes further into the apartment; Jen gets a call from Chad that Abigail is missing, they rush out. Jake tells Eli he has no idea who wants to beat him up. Eli says you haven't pissed anyone off? He says maybe they think I am this Stefan guy, he sounds like a bad guy. Gabi gets mad; Jake says he read up on Stefan and he sounded like an entitled master of the universe kind of guy who doesn't let ethics get between him and what he wanted although the widow DiMera thinks he was quite the catch; Eli asks is that possible, they thought you were Stefan? Jake looks at Ben; Lani is telling Brady about what happened with Kristen getting the call from Rex; Lani gets a call from Theo; Xander told Victor that Kristen escaped the police. Xander is worried about what Kristen will do to Sarah. Victor wants her in jail; Sarah telling Jeanne Marie that “Chad” has the flu; Sarah is trying to get rid of Jeanne Marie; Eli told Ciara and Ben there isn’t a lot he can do and to call him if they return;

        Jake said Gabi is borderline stalking him. She won’t leave; Gabi is leaving but she told Jake she’ll be back and she is going to figure out the truth


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          Xander said this blew up in their faces. Victor told him to use all the Titan resources he needs. He doesn’t hate Xander. Wants him to go find Sarah and the baby. He’s proven to be a true Kiriakis; Victor is very proud of Xander and he’s made hard choices that aren’t always easy; “All the work that we did to protect them. It was all for nothing.”; Lani asks Theo to keep the secret and ILY. Lani gives Brady the address. Theo told Kristen, too. Brady is rushing off to stop Kristen from hurting Sarah; Sarah got rid of Jeanne Marie. Rex is distressed; Jake gave Ben and Ciara a beer. Ciara thinks this isn’t OK because Ben got a beating meant for Jake. Ben said he didn’t tell Eli everything because the thugs were looking for something. He wants to know what they wanted; Lani asked Eli if he’s going to tell Rafe. Gabi storms in. She wants to talk to a prisoner. Dr. Wilhelm Rolf; Xander joins Brady on the plane; Kristen at the door to the Paris apartment. “Hang on, Rachel. Mommy’s here.”; Kristen opens the door and goes in; SHOW OVER


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            And the look Jake had when Eil said he was a cop.


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