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Days live discussion 5/1/2020


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  • Days live discussion 5/1/2020

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Ben and Jake working on the bike, Ben says it would be good to get to know each other. Jake says there is no girlfriend right now, kinda angry, tells Ben to mind his own damn business; Jake says I don't talk about her a lot, maybe I should. "God knows I know enough about your girlfriend."; Ciara happy Victor woke up, she goes to get a doctor. Victor looks confused. Eli says he doesn't know Brady well but this doesn't seem like something he would do. He thinks Kristen put him up to it, seems like she would be the one to stab someone; Lani defends Kristen, doesn't think she would do this; Brady won't let Kristen confess, she has a criminal record, she will go to jail for a long time. She asks why he would do this. He replies because he loves her; Sarah talking to the baby, worried about Rex. Rex on the phone with Kate, she's nagging him about not calling, too much news to tell him all of it but there are a few things that might interest him; Kayla checking Victor, his BP is a little high but that's normal for him, otherwise, he seems ok. Victor can't speak yet. Kayla tells Ciara that Victor cleared a major hurdle but his heart was damaged, he has a long road; Kayla has to do a full checkup, tells Ciara to take a break. Ciara doesn't want to leave him cause he has NO ONE ELSE; Jake distracted, Ben got him thinking about his ex. She was the kind of woman that gets into your system and stays there. Drove him nuts at first, didn't know whether to grab her and kiss her or strangle her. Ben knows couples like that; Jake likes how tough and stubborn she was, and drop-dead gorgeous. Ben asks what broke them up? Gabi in the mansion getting a drink, she is flustered. Flashback to seeing Jake; Gabi tells herself it couldn't be Stefan, its impossible; Lani on the phone, asking how she is doing now? It was a nurse about Abby, told Lani she ingested some kind of hallucinogenic. Lani says Chad suspects Gabi. Lani would love to get Gabi; Eli gets a call that Victor is awake. Kristen asks how this is Brady's fault? He says it was my grandfather, I should have cut him out of my life a long time ago, I should have kept you away from that freaking house; Kristen tells Brady that Nicole asked her point-blank if she stabbed Victor. Brady says Eric asked the same thing, he told him that Kristen didn't even know. Kristen says living with this is killing me. She won't let him go to jail for something he didn't do;

    Kristen rushes to the door to tell Rafe. Brady tells her then she will never see Rachel again. Sarah freaking, they shouldn't be staying in Abigail's apartment but otherwise, she'd have to pay rent and they could track her; Rachel starts to cry and Sarah can't find her blankie, realizes she left it in the cafe. Rex saying so she left without saying anything? Kate's talking about Hattie; Kate tells him she is switching careers, politics is for her. "Oh did I tell you Brady stabbed Victor in the heart and he almost died?" Rex is shocked, asks why he would do that? Kate tells him Kristen had a baby with Brady and the baby is with Sarah; Jake guesses they broke up because life goes on, people change. Ben wants to ask one more question and Jake asks him dude, are you always this chatty?? Ben says no, usually never; Ben asks if Jake grew up around Salem and Jake says do I sound like I did? Ciara comes in and is shocked when she sees Jake; Lani at the DiMera mansion, tells Gabi the drug in Abigail's system is only manufactured by DE; Kristen says what if we don't even find Rachel? Brady insists she will be, and the DA is still furious Kristen got off for pushing Haley down the stairs, she has to stay free for Rachel's sake; Brady says no one will ever find out; Vic trying to tell Kayla something but she keeps stopping him. Eli comes in and Kayla agrees to 5 minutes; Kate telling Rex that Xander pulled off a switch; Kate telling Rex that Sarah took off with Brady and Kristen's baby and no one knows where they are, as Sarah walks into the cafe looking for Rachel's blanket;

    Ben picks up Ciara's dropped purse, she keeps staring, open-mouthed. She apologizes for staring, Jake goes I know, I look a lot like his dead boss; Ciara says he is the spitting image of Stefan. She can't imagine what Gabi would do if she saw him. Jake doesn't look thrilled


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      Lani tells Gabi that she had means and motive and opportunity, she works at DiMera and was near Abby's champagne glass; Eli calls Victor Sir; Victor trying to talk but looks exhausted. Eli says ok just one question - do you know who stabbed you? Was it, Brady?; Brady asks if she knows how Victor is? If he pulls thru Brady guesses he can find a way to make Victor go along with the lie; Kristen knows Victor will talk as soon as he opens his eyes. Brady agrees, there isn't really a way to control him. Kristen offers to go to the hospital and finish Victor off; Rex hangs up with Kate and helps Sarah look for the blanket. He won't let go and she says give me my daughter's blanket. Rex tells her but she's not really your daughter, is she; Lani reminds Gabi she gaslighted Abby before. Gabi says and Abby has framed me before. "Maybe her multiple personalities are back, they've got these names like Gabby, Blabby, Dr. Somebody"; Gabi tells Lani Chad was talking to a wall last week, so until she has proof get out of her house; Jake doesn't know any Gabi. Ciara says she was married to Stefan till he got shot by a cop. Jake asks if Stefan was a bad guy and Ben says no but Ciara says kind of. "The DiMeras aren't your average American family"; Ben and Ciara tell Jake that Stefan was brain dead and they donated his organs. Jake says and then what, they pulled the plug? You don't come back from that, right? Ciara and Ben laugh uncomfortably; Brady makes her promise to stay away from Victor. Kristen cries we should be blissfully happy now. Brady says maybe blissfully happy isn't in the cards for us. He should have known this would happen once she got pregnant, Victor had it out for them; Eli asks if Brady stabbed him. Victor's monitor starts to beep faster, and Kayla makes Eli leave. After they are gone Victor says "Kristen."; Ben pulls Ciara away from staring, asks how Victor is. She is so relieved Victor woke up. Ben says they can celebrate Victor being ok and his new job. He looks at Jake and says I think I have a new job. Jake says that so? But then smiles and says yeah you have a job;

      Jake steps out to do some errands, tells Ciara if you don't already know he is crazy about you. Eli and Lani on the phone, he says Victor was too weak to talk; Victor did nod his head yes that he knew who stabbed him but that was the only answer Eli got out of him. Kristen wipes her eyes, she is going to stop crying and she is going to figure this out. She won't let Brady go to jail; "We are going to find our baby and we are going to raise her together." Brady says that would be good, but seems very resigned to not getting a happy ending; Sarah says, of course, she is my daughter, denies what Rex is saying. Sarah makes her scrunched up face and says Kate lied, she always lies. Then she says Rex is lying; Then Sarah says Rex cheated on her. Rex tells her she is better than this, do the right thing; Rex says this isn't her, when she calms down she will do the right thing and take the baby back to her real parents. Sarah says not in a million years; Rex tells Sarah to think about Mackenzie. Sarah snarls that's all I think about. Rex says how will life on the run affect this little girl? Sarah says she will be fine as long as she has her mother; Rex says every time she applies for a job or tries to enter Mickey in school they will find her; "Do you know I got her thru cancer?" "I am the one who took care of her every minute of my life."; Sarah loves Mickey more than she thought possible and she won't give her up. Rex says he has no choice, he is calling the police; Brady is gone to his arraignment, Kristen is alone in the room. Lani comes in and says things were easier in the convent. Kristen says she hasn't had a breakdown yet;

      Lani says maybe Brady won't even be charged, now that he's awake he might not press charges. Kristen upset that he is awake. Eli back with Victor, who wanted to see him. Eli says was it, Brady, he confessed. Victor shakes his head no; Eli asks who it was and Victor says "Kristen." Ciara checking the bike, she could have fixed it, she's a genius mechanic.; Ben says she should work there too, they kiss and say they wouldn't get a lot of work done. Ciara says she hates Gabi but someone should warn her; Gabi shouting at Rafe's voicemail he better call her back, did he send Lani after her, Lani is the reason she will never see Stefan again. Jake walks into the park and they come face to face. SHOW OVER


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        Why is Brady so clueless?


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          Oh joy, another day of Gabi's schreeching and taking potshots at Abigail's mental illness.


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            I am not a big Lani fan but I hope she doesn't freak out when she sees Jake because it's not her fault that Stefan "died". That blame goes on Vivian and Stefan himself he is the one who decided to jump into the bullet.
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            • JackandJenfan
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              She shot him. She should feel some sort of way when she sees Jake. Even though her use of firearm was justified.

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            So what was up with Jake look when Ciara said she does not know how Gabi will handle see Jake looking like Stefan


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              Sarah's was ugly as usual telling rex that she will never give up the baby. I just do not like that woman.

              Please fo not let Brady turn against Kristen when she's arrested. Let him stand by her.

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                Great the episode, the Jake / Ben friendship that begins, Ciara who meets Jake, and finally the face to face Jake / Gabi.


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