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As an advocate for Kristen, I am very disappointed in her.


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    Originally posted by EveIBelieve View Post
    She pretty much had Xander and Victor at her mercy. She had done nothing wrong and could have taken pretty much anything from Xander and Victor for what they did. Everyone was focused on finding Sarah and the baby, so the chances were very high rhwy would be found eventually. By doing what she did to Victor, Kristen has now opened not only herself but Brady to uncertain consequences and maybe even harmed her chances of assuming a parental role in Rachel's life. I love you Kristen, but you really messed up here. You had both Xander and Victor over the barrel and now you're there instead!
    That's the thing about Kristen: She's not logical. She can't bring her common sense into the situation here. She feels anger, and she lashes acts out. She can't help it. She has no self-control. Trying to act like she DID have self-control was probably draining her for the last half a year.

    I've never been a Kristen advocate, but during the last few weeks before she found out Rachel was alive, I thought maybe she'd really changed for the better. But finding out Victor helped with the baby switch sent her over the edge, and it became clear she's just the same old Kristen.

    Originally posted by icyblue2034 View Post
    This is the real Kristen. The weepy fragile flower we've had to endure for months is not her. Not at all. She's cruel. Vengeful. Manipulative. Impulsive at times. She knows right from wrong and chooses wrong far more often than right. This is who she really is. I only wish I could believe it will wake Brady up. At the very least let's hope the Kristen apology tour is over. It was sickening to watch someone like Marlena forgiving her.
    ^^^This! Exactly.


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