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I was so surprised to see BB...


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  • I was so surprised to see BB... apparently a new character! I was not expecting that at all. I’m so pleased he is back on my screen!

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    You musn't read spoilers, cause it's been talked about for weeks now for his return. It remains to be seen if he'll turn out to be Stefan later on, with amnesia, or perhaps a twin of Stefan or just be kept this new "Jake Lambert" character.


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      No, I don’t read spoilers.


      • Elvis12
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        Me either. I tried it for a while years ago and it just totally ruined the show for me. I don't want to know whats going to happen - it's like reading the last page of a mystery before reading the book.

      • ShermanTank
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        I also TRY not to read spoilers.. They are everywhere though its getting harder. Unless the story is so incredibly terrible I try to figure out when its going to end. Than I will read one here and there.

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      I'm too much involved on soap boards and Twitter to be surprised. Especially since the pic was leaked months ago. But it must be nice to be surprised about things. I'm so excited for Jake or as I ( and others) like to call him Stake! Brandon is back! Woo-hoo! 😎😍


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        I guess that is why there wasn’t a thread about BB - everyone knew but me! I was wondering why there wasn’t a thrilled thread going. But I’m excited for Jake/Stake and that BB is back, too!


        • tiff5555
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          There has been threads here, but most was deleted by the mods because there was no legit source. Anyway, happy that you are excited. Heard that this is a big summer story.

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        I wasn't reading spoilers either, and it was a great surprise. (I'd heard rumors early in the year that he was coming back in April, but didn't know exactly when or how.)

        The Stefan mentions earlier in the week definitely dropped some anvils, so I had an idea we'd see him soon. But I didn't know it would be Friday.


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