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First time, currently, that I'm having interest in Orpheus


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  • First time, currently, that I'm having interest in Orpheus

    I didn't even care the last time he was on, but now, yeah, it looks to be interesting in more ways than one. Marlena and John, his kids and what
    did he and Evan do??? I like Zoey, I wish this actress could return sometime, to be on more often. Is she married? What is her child's name?
    She keeps blindsighting Rafe, lol.

  • #2
    I think in one of Orpheus's previous stints before Christian and Zoe were named they stated Orpheus's daughter had a son.

    But I don't know if the writers remember that one. They said Marlena had a kid with Alex North once but they never followed up on that either. And I think back in the 80's Orpheus's daughter was the younger sibling.


    • dee2
      dee2 commented
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      Thanks, maybe we will find out. I'd also like to see Zoey and Marlena in a scene.
      Marlena was a little cool today about the kids she at one time took care of, but
      Orpheus still blames John, not Roman, for killing his wife, so.

  • #3
    They never named Orpheus' kids before this. I love Orpheus and have since the '80s. George is a phenomenal actor. Best villain.


    • #4
      I think the actor who plays Orpheus is good.


      • #5
        At least with Orpheus, they are keeping with history. He had a girl and boy that he kidnapped Marlena and wanted her to raise his kids.


        • #6
          I've always found Orpheus fascinating because the actor was so good and character smart and unpredictable. So I'm glad you're becoming interested in him too, Dee!

          I didn't think the writing did him justice the last time he was one, but it's better now.
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          • dee2
            dee2 commented
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            It does look to be interesting. Some of that for me is his children.

        • #7
          I've always loved Orpheus.


          • #8
            Originally posted by shome View Post
            At least with Orpheus, they are keeping with history. He had a girl and boy that he kidnapped Marlena and wanted her to raise his kids.
            Keeping with history? He just said today that John took his wife from him. Roman did. Marlena played mom to those kids for about 3 months. It's her fault that his son turned out the way he did? Took about a stretch in giving one character a supposed motivation to hate another.

            About the only thing they are staying true to, from the 80s, is he did have 2 kids and Orpheus did take Marlena as payback for the death of his wife.

            As always, I can get it. They don't want to get into all the continuity quagmire of John having been Roman. That said, THEY chose to use the character. They chose to bring back Orpheus. Now you have to deal with it. Or not, but I think it sticks out like a sore thumb.

            You can't pat yourself on the back for using the show's history, it's canon to tell stories, but only follow the parts of it that are convenient. Orpheus wasn't John's old ISA partner, mentioned a couple weeks back. And John didn't kill his wife, Roman did.

            Agree 100% on George being a great actor.
            Last edited by longtimewatcher; April 20, 2020, 05:25 PM.


            • #9
              I liked him last go around and I still like him. I can see why some people put him up there with Stefano and Andre as one of Days top villains.


              • #10
                they tried to establish Clyde Weston as the "new" villain and James Read is great, but then dropped it, poor storylines, etc.

                if they don't want or Thaao does not want full time as Andre? I think Orpheus should be given a shot, he is a great actor, they have the kids on canvas.


                • #11
                  Orpheus always scared me. I think it was him that sent guys to cut out Steve's knife tattoo during the Stockholm bonds story.


                  • #12
                    No, he didn't want to cut it out. He wanted pictures of the 3 tattoos. Britta, Bo and Steve. Now, once he had the picture of the tattoo he intended to kill him.

                    At one point, he kidnapped Kayla to try to lure Steve. Steve rescued her. But you saw Orpheus' intent previously. Roman/John had impersonated Steve. One of Orpheus' men knocked him out. It wasn't in Orpheus' sight. The guy radioed him and asked what to do. He told him get a picture of the tattoo than kill him.

                    We never actually see Orpheus kill anyone, but it's strongly implied that he killed Britta and several others.


                    • #13
                      Steve showed up with blood on his chest and told Kayla he was jumped and they tried to cut it off him.


                      • #14
                        I have no recollection of that scene. They were going to cut the tattoo off of him? Zero memory of that. Doesn't mean it didn't happen, though. Not like I have every scene committed to memory. But the tattoos were definitely a plot point. I remember Victor slipping something in Bo's drink so he could knock him out and get his.


                        • #15
                          I remember Britta drugging Bo and trying to take a photo with Bo on the bed and Steve came in and caught her. The three knives tattoos were the clue where to find the bonds were located.
                          Last edited by shome; April 22, 2020, 11:05 AM.


                          • dee2
                            dee2 commented
                            Editing a comment
                            I wonder what else might have happened between Bo and Britta if he hadn't passed out. He was messed up, but enough for something to
                            have happened between them? Like in '06 when he had been drinking and passed out in the room with Billie. When he woke up, his first
                            thought was did something happen?

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