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SOC Spoilers for the Week of 4/20


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  • SPOILER! SOC Spoilers for the Week of 4/20

    Hell hath no fury like a DiMera scorned!



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    Oh geez, nice Kristen did not last that long But it is wrong going after a old man. Can't wait to see Stefan...oh yeah, here are some of the previews from NBC Days Pics:
    • Gabi goes head to head with Chad over the CEO crown!!!
    • Kristen is back to her old ways....
    • The new gang, wants to know Sarah's whereabouts!!!
    • Sarah is now in Paris
    • Big Bad O, visits Doc aka Marlena
    • Xander helps Kristen to locate Sarah

    Keep on watching Days for more surprises! Watch Days on the NBC App if you missed an episode! Soon, it will be on Peacock Streaming Services.


    • tiff5555
      tiff5555 commented
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      ALoyalSoapFan Ohhh, my bad, I was referring to Eric, Nicole, Kristen and Brady wanting or looking for Sarah because of the baby that she has. She is in Paris which they don’t know.

    • ALoyalSoapFan
      ALoyalSoapFan commented
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      Perhaps, if you're going to post spoilers instead of nicknames for characters you should use their names?!

    • tiff5555
      tiff5555 commented
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      ALoyalSoapFan I am trying to keep some things hidden so people can be surprised when they see it when the episode is shown. Anyway, enjoy your week and stay safe
      Last edited by tiff5555; April 20, 2020, 02:00 PM.

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