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Days live discussion 4/15/2020


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  • Days live discussion 4/15/2020

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Justin and Kayla, he understands she can't leave Steve so he says he'll go. Tells her she knows where to find him if she needs him. He kisses her and walks away; Kayla tells Justin "wait - if the offer still stands I'd like to go to dinner with you." Justin smiles but asks what about Steve?; "You being you is new" Jack to Steve; Will and Sonny eating in HTS, Will asks if Steve is awake and back to his old self? Sonny says that's what he heard but he hasn't seen him yet, all he got was a text from Aunt Jennifer; Will says let's get dessert and celebrate Stefano and Gina being gone. Sonny says pass, too much sugar gives me weird dreams. Will pushes him on what the dreams are about; "I had a dream I walked into our bedroom and you were having sex with Leo." Will does a spit-take; Repeat of Brady telling Kristen it was Xander - he switched the babies on purpose; Xander pouting over the crib, Eric comes in. Xander tells him to get the hell out. Eric says he will give Sarah privacy, he and Xander can chat. He tells Xander he belongs in a grave, just like his little girl; Sarah sobbing; Sarah doesn't know what she will do without Mickey; Kristen asks if it was just revenge? Brady says it was more about Sarah, he didn't want Sarah to face what they faced. Kristen understands the pain she caused Brady and Theresa, maybe this is retribution; Brady tells Kristen they should look forward. She says she is, looking forward to making Xander pay; Xander asks why Eric did it? They were all happy? Eric says it was the right thing to do. Xander says Nicole wasn't doing the right thing, she's just a nosy bitch. Eric punches him; Xander says you are going to realize how much you screwed up, you have to watch Brady and Kristen raise the child you thought was yours. Eric says the one good thing about telling Sarah was it stopped her marrying a bastard like you; Sarah crying; She says it's like waking from the most beautiful dream to find out its a nightmare; Jack asks Steve how Kayla took it when he told her he loved her more than ever. Steve says he didn't get the chance, but he did tell her to tear up the divorce papers and marry him again. Jack offers to go get Kayla. Steve calls "Jackson, no!"; Jack is surprised how passive Steve is being, the Steve he knows wouldn't sit around on his butt and not do anything. Steve says he has let Kayla down so many times, maybe she is better off with Justin;

    Jack says yeah maybe I am better on a diet with exercise but it won't make me happy. Steve remembers now, talking to Jack gives him a headache; Jack says sitting around a fire talking to Justin about torts is boring, Steve is exciting. Steve thought Jack liked Justin? He says I do but I can't talk nice about him while I am trying to get thru to you; Will says I believe in an open and trusting relationship but you don't have to tell me everything. Sonny laughs well you forced me to tell you; Sonny says let's talk about why I had the dream - maybe I have some deep insecurities, that wasn't the weirdest part of my dream - Leo talked us into buying a baby from him that he stole from Abe and Sheila; Sonny says we talked about having another baby but then everything went to hell for us. "But that's in the past now so I was just wondering if you would like to talk about it again?"; Eric tells Xander sociopaths don't make good husbands. He tells him Sarah is at the beginning of the same agony Kristen and Brady went thru; Sarah says Kristen lost the first year with Mickey but she doesn't think Kristen will mind if she keeps the scrapbook since she gets Mickey. She hopes Kristen is a good momma, she has to believe Brady when he says she has changed;

    Steve tells Jack to cut the crap and tell me the truth, Justin does make her happy? "I think its a matter of propinquity." "Would you speak English dude?"; Steve asks if Justin and Kayla live together "in my house??!" Jack says there is the Steve I know. Jack tells him I want you to know I told Justin to fight for her too;


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      They have mentioned nightmare in two days, please oh please make all this a nightmare! Thanks for posting. The writers even backtrack on their own writing.🙄
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        Justin asks if Steve remembers what he did as Stefano and she says no. Justin says he must think you two can pick up where you left off. Kayla says we weren't in a good place when he left town; Eric at Sarah's door, she's gone. Will says he warmed up to the idea of having another child was because Abigail said two is a lot more complicated but says its worth it. Sonny asks so you still want to go ahead with it?; Will says it's a big step, whether its surrogacy or adoption, it's a long process. Sonny jokes "I guess that's why people steal babies." They see Sarah go by and call her over; Sonny says he thought the wedding was today? She says "yeah that's over" but says she was just getting Mickey a few things before the honeymoon. Sonny asks oh, you are taking her with you? "Yeah, I couldn't stand to be separated from her."; Xander drinking, Eric comes back and asks if Sarah came in there? Xander rushes to look out the door, says her car isn't there. Kristen wants to get her hands on Xander; Brady trying to calm Kristen down, they have a future and a baby. She doesn't want Xander to get off scot-free but Brady says Sarah is making him pay; Sonny and Will looking into the stroller smiling (Will rubbing Sonny's back) says she's gorgeous. He tells Sarah he and Will were just talking about babies. Will says its harder for them than straight couples; Adoption scares Will, what if the bio parents want the baby back? He can't imagine what it would be like to give up Ari? She says its the worst thing in the world; Sarah says she has to get going but Will notices she isn't wearing her ring and asks about it; Kayla says its a little overwhelming, can Justin just cool it with the questions or now. He laughs and apologizes for being insecure. She says you have every right but I just wanna go home with you, especially if you're cooking. "You only love me for my lasagna"; Kayla says she is going to check on Steve ask one of her patients, then go home with Justin. Jack looking thru Steve's food, says no one gave you candy? "Up until an hour ago I was Stefano, no one gives him candy"; Jack says it's demeaning to Kayla for Steve to just bow out gracefully. Give her a choice and then she can make the decision. Kayla asks a decision about what?;

        Sarah says she left her ring at home, it's so big and she loses things when she travels. Sonny asks where they are going on their honeymoon, she says I get to decide right before we take off. They tell her congrats and she leaves; Will says she is totally lying to us, who takes off their wedding ring and doesn't know where they are going? Sonny asks why would she lie and Will says she probably realized she made a huge mistake marrying that psychopath; Eric calls Brady and Kristen, says is Sarah with you? She isn't here and neither is Mickey - I mean Rachel. Kristen says she has a really bad feeling about this; Kayla asks again a decision about what? Steve says he has a headache but he knows the nurses are busy. She asks how bad of a headache?? She asks how he feels otherwise? Jack says he will leave them alone but she says she was just about to head home; Steve asks home to Justin? Jack told him they live together. Steve says I will see you tomorrow and Kayla tells him goodnight. Jack tells Steve she gave you an opening and you didn't take it. You are going to fight for her right? Steve says she made her decision; Xander goes into their room, sees Sarah's wedding dress and her rings on the bed. Flashback to him putting the ring on Sarah, saying I do; Brady trying to calm Kristen, when she lets her imagination run away with her that's when she gets in the most trouble. Kristen says why would Sarah leave without letting Eric say goodbye?? We should have gone to get her ourselves;

        Kristen storms out and Brady follows. Eric is leaving a message for Sarah, please call me. Will and Sonny come in, Will asks what he is doing there. They say they saw Sarah, she was heading to the airfield, told them she was leaving on her honeymoon. Eric says "what??";


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          Jack says so, Kayla is going home with Justin? Steve says yeah, a little dinner then they climb into bed. Jack says you don't know that maybe he sleeps on the sofa? "Jack, do me a favor. Shut the hell up."; Justin telling Kayla how the wedding didn't happen, Sarah was strange from the moment she entered the room. He gets on the elevator and Kayla hesitates, look back at Steve's rooms and then gets on the elevator; Sonny is on hold and Will is shocked about Mickey being Rachel. Eric says yeah we saw DNA that's why we didn't go to court; Sonny gets off the phone, tells them all that the Titan jet just took off with Sarah and Mickey on board. They didn't file a flight plan. Kristen says she kidnapped our baby!! Sarah on the plane telling Mickey no one will ever tear us apart SHOW OVER


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            i missed this again because of news interruptions


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