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SOC Spoilers for the Week of 4/13


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  • mahdi
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Mar 2004
    • 26878

    SPOILER! SOC Spoilers for the Week of 4/13

    Steve is back... but is it too late for him and Kayla?



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  • tiff5555
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Jul 2007
    • 61569

    The promo was something...but I have a strong feeling, that Kayla will go back to her man...that is Steve! The pics are not up on NBC yet...but when they are, I will post some of the spoilers in there.


    • tiff5555
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Jul 2007
      • 61569

      Here are some of the Spoilers pics from NBC site from Days
      • WILSON wants to expand their family! Yay!!!
      • ERICOLE tells Brady the news of "McRachel"....Brady tells Kristen
      • There is a emotional reunion of Steve & Kayla, but it's sort is short lived
      • A bride says a big fat no to a groom on their wedding day! The groom gets a present, a big fat punch in his face!
      • John tells Marlena that Orpheus is alive....

      Keep on watching Days for more surprises! Watch Days on NBC APP and On Demand


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