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Can the Pheonix jump bodies.


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  • Mysterio
    Soap Addict
    • Sep 2005
    • 5781

    Can the Pheonix jump bodies.

    With Rolfs tech. I wonder if Stephano can jump bodies. Like say go from Tony to Steve to Jack to Rafe to John even Marlena. Would that be cool or way too over the top?

    Another thing. What if the Pheonix aka Stephano was some sort of mind inhence virus that increased intellect and Stephano took it and that the real Stephano was basically chill, but the virus made him more into the mastermind player he is today.

    Add to that. Stephano will always be alive. There is no way in a year that Steve would be able to get rid of him completely. Would Days do a continuing story with any people having Stephano in a form of a virus take over their bodies for a certain time period?
  • Cat women
    I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
    • Sep 2013
    • 9011

    Theoretically, The Pheonix can take up residence in multiple bodies simultaneously, because he's simply a download or a byproduct of brainwashing.

    I hope he's not a virus, like the walking dead. I don't want to see Stefano constantly being skipped around from body to body. I'm interested in this story for now because I want to know how everything came about, but I hope it's wrapped up before too long. Also, I'm still not convinced that's Steve's been faking all this, and is really working a case.
    Last edited by Cat women; December 10, 2019, 06:20 PM.


    • RickySpanish
      Contract Poster
      • Dec 2018
      • 3399

      Over the top, even for me. He can do it but it requires some kind of medical procedure. It's not like his soul leaping from body to body. It's technology involved.


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