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Days live discussion 2/11/2019


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  • Days live discussion 2/11/2019

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Haley tries to get JJ to talk about his probs like he did w/her; Haley tells JJ he makes her feel safe & wants to help him-they hug & then kiss; Jack upset-tells Eve can't help Abby or JJ; E asks what prob can't help JJ with; Ja says some immigration prob; Abby crying to Chad - what if I never get her back; Ch promises to get Charlotte back in Ab's arms; Ch goes up to check on Thomas; Ab looks at Char's baby pic & wants her to come back to them-doorbell rings; Kate is at Ab's door; Hope on phone w/Rafe-H tells R no leads as he's breaking up & then H loses connection; Ted enters inter rm & asks if R coming home; H says doesn't know; Ben finds Jordan in his room & she hugs him; B tells Jo has explaining to do; Jack tells Eve JJ all about keeping his friend safe; Ja tells E it's girl JJ was w/New Year's Eve; E tells Ja that girl burdening JJ by having him keep her secret-may have ulterior motive; JJ stops kissing & apologizes to Haley for taking advantage; Ha says she kissed back; Ben asks Jordan why threw her bro under bus by putting idea of him taking Charlotte in Abby's thoughts; Abby lets Kate in; K tells Ab sorry about what happened to Charlotte & wants to help anyway she can; K says takes responsibility for her part of separating Chad from Char; K tells Ab about Billie/Austin so knows how Ab feels; Abby weeping-says to Kate that K got Billie/Austin back-what should she do if doesn't get Char back; Chad comes down & asks what's up; Hope says Rafe's plane stuck on runway w/mechanical issues; Ted supporting H who admits that Johnny needed R;

    Eli tells Hope still looking up license plates and that looking for Jordan; Jo tells Ben didn't throw him under bus-just had concerns; Jo says there to help him & if she hadn't left town wouldn't have gotten so close to Clyde; Jo doesn't believe Ben-upset came back to Salem; Ben tells Jordan didn't do anything he's accused of; Jo says if not him then who did these things; Eve accuses Jack of being used by Haley, as well as using JJ; Eve brings up Abby & Dario--Eve tells the whole final scenario & says while Ja couldn't protect Ab he can protect JJ; Ha asks JJ about any news when went to visit Ab; JJ says thought it was Ben; JJ tells Haley about why he hates Ben (Paige); Jordan suggests Ben see Mar; B says no & says Mar blew confidentiality; Jo challenges B; B asks why Jo doesn't believe him; Jo says ILY & will take care of B & suggests he go back to Bayview; Ben tells Jordan to forget it-will never go back to Bayview; Ted suggests to Hope maybe Ciara reached out to Ben; H thinks B may have texted her until Ci finally agreed to come back & when Ci says doesn't want him that no one else can have Ci; Abby tells Chad can't talk about why Kate there-Ab goes to call PD;

    Kate tells Chad she'd do anything to help; Ch knows; K asks what happened; Ch tells K the whole timeline; K surprised to hear Jordan back & is first to bring up Jo but doubts it; Ben says won't go anywhere until finds Ciara; Jordan asks Ben what he did when Ciara left town; Ben tells Jordan about plan w/Claire to break up Tripp/Ciara; Jordan gets call from Eli again & ignores; Ben learns that Jordan knew from Abby that Ciara was in South Africa; Ben tells Jordan that someone is setting him up-but who


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      Haley worried about Melinda being in legal trouble over taking care of Ha; Ha says Mel's head exploded when learned JJ knew about her & how she trusts JJ; JJ remembers telling Jack about Ha; JJ starts to tell Haley about Jack but she realizes she needs to get work right away-as she leaves tells JJ will keep Abby in thoughts & liked kiss; Jack tells Eve won't interfere w/JJ; E wants Ja to get involved & talks about Melinda bringing up drug cartel; Eve trying to convince Jack with distorted info; E wants Ja to expose Haley so JJ is safe (her version); Chad tells Kate that Jordan came to warn Abby that Ben off meds; K tells Ch that he'll get Char back; Ch says Ab doesn't deserve this; K says neither does Ch; Abby back in front foyer; Kate about to leave & give them space but Ab says wants to say something to her first; Jordan tells Ben since has lots of enemies someone could be framing him; B says promised Ciara he'd find her; Jo momentarily concerned B spoke to Ci; B says imagined her as he had gotten close to Ci before break up-not going to hurt Ci or Char; Jordan tells Ben in the past he's been good at telling ppl what they want to hear; B says will find Ciara & Char & will prove to all he's sane; Jo says wants that for B & leaves saying she'll call tomorrow; B clearly shaken by discussion; Abby tells Kate owes apology for attacking her when came in good faith although won't forgive for what she did before; K supports Ab & tells her she's there for her; Ab goes over all her small concerns about Char; Chad makes call; Jordan calls Eli back & he has questions;

      Jordan in HTS throwing Ben under the bus w/her answers to Eli's questions; Eli says needs more than a theory; Jo says just saw B & he was agitated; Jo twists B's words about what B told her about talking to Ciara; Hope/Ted come out of inter rm & Eli says H needs hear this; JJ texts Jack that they need to talk ASAP; Jack tells Eve it's cruel to sandbag this girl's life-don't know that Haley wants hurt JJ; Eve encourages Ja to turn in Ha-JJ doesn't have to know if Ja makes 1 call; reporter w/Chad-Abby; Chad/Abby, holding baby's photo make TV plea for baby's return--offer reward & then reiterate plea to return their daughter; Jordan bumps into Kate at park bench--chilling reunion; K sees her big bag of groceries/supplies;

      Ben tries calling Ciara & finds it ringing in his drawer w/Charlotte's baby blanket as Hope/Eli at door "Police-open up" - SHOW OVER


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