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John and Will were really obnoxious with Diana


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  • John and Will were really obnoxious with Diana

    Imagine going to some woman you don’t know (or haven’t seen in years) and asking her for dirt on her son? They totally trashed Leo! Whatever their opinions on Leo what mother would give dirt on her son to people that are so obviously looking to bring him down. I found them both ridiculous and ineffective. Diana is never going to help them now.

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    I mean, to be fair, both John and Will's moms were willing to sell them down the river, so maybe they thought Diana would.


    • Skins 2008
      Skins 2008 commented
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      If you are talking about the time Will was a suspect in Nick Fallon murder she didn't try to sell him down the river..
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    • YANukeFan
      YANukeFan commented
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      People forget how Sami drugged and raped Austin to pass Will off as his child.

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    When was Sami ever willing to sell Will down the river, Finchel? Must have missed that.


    • FinchelKlaine4E
      FinchelKlaine4E commented
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      Remember when she told Zoe who the woman EJ had affair with is in that TrueVista article Will wrote? Oh, and she almost aborted Will in order to get Austin to fall in love with her or something.

    • savytabby
      savytabby commented
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      I don't count either of those as Sami being willing to send Will up the river. In fact, I recall that Sami was very proud of the article Will had written (even though she didn't tell him that).

      I also don't remember Sami almost aborting Will, though I don't doubt that it probably happened, as you said, to try to force Austin's hand. As she did use Will a lot to try and get Austin to love her, But using him is not the same as selling him up the river and I never saw her do that.

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    Funny how this thread became about Sami


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      The are always obnoxious when they are trying to get what they want. One of the major reasons I've never cared for either of them.


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        Will to Marlena “Now that I think of it, why would Diana give dirt on her son to someone who wants to use it against him.” Um, you’re figuring this out now?
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          LOL, ICAM with you RoidRage. SMDH at Will. It's times like these that I really wonder how he could be the son of Sami and Lucas and grandson of Kate.


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