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Two Scoops, Week of February 11th: What you sippin' on that got you talkin' crazy??


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  • ARTICLE: Two Scoops, Week of February 11th: What you sippin' on that got you talkin' crazy??

    Jordan Ridegway's back in Salem -- and crazy this time around! Plus, the Salem P.D. continue to do their best, which is the worst, and CINners finally have a chance rejoice. Well, maybe! Let's get a little nuts in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

    ROTFLMBO!! Tony's back and he's in rare form!
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    Good points from this author. For me, not sure of Jordan, but yeah it's playing for CIN. Stefan and Chloe, it's a bit of fresh air. I am not sure if I agree with the author. To me, last year, it would not have worked, considering that Deimos did not do favors for Chloe. This year, just sounds perfect. They remind me of Beauty & The Beast.

    Looks like this author needs to know, that the adventures belongs to Ted & Hope They are getting close together and any minute, Ted will kiss her!

    CHABBY....well it's what fans wants for them, to be reunited. And with their baby missing, they will grow close together. I did not know that the author is going to miss Billy. Billy did spark something with the character and Abby. When the audience was not seeing them together in 2014, they were saying that he is the right DiMera for her. Yes, history goes back to 2011, but with different writers, they changed.

    Diane....what can I say...I LOVE HER! I want more of her and Leo! Anyway, it was a okay week from me.


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