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    Originally posted by marbear44 View Post
    Now is the perfect time to bring back Bo...... just have him emerge from somewhere in the World, (maybe Sami finds him in Europe) another Dr. Rolf Revival. It’s perfect. After all we never did get to see all the patients that Kristen Dimiera had stashed in the warehouse/makeshift medical rehab center. Surely more people survived the fire. I’m sure Nicole will return, as well as Kristen Demira, Vivian Alamein, etc
    Exactly. RC has a way to fix what the previous hacks did by killing off Bo. How was killing off one of the most popular veteran characters for the 50th anniversary a good idea?!


    • tiff5555
      tiff5555 commented
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      Days did asked Peter to return, from what some close to Days said. He declined at that time. So who knows what can happen now. Either he has changed his mind, and wants to do a full time gig, or few scenes, probably as a ghost.

    • CanaryFan98
      CanaryFan98 commented
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      Because PR wanted to leave and having Bo just leave Hope wouldn't make sense. Plus its Days they could always find a way to bring him back if need be.

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    Originally posted by tiff5555 View Post

    From what I read from others, Days tried to get Peter back in 2017...but Peter was and may still be, not interested in a full time gig. He might come back for few scenes as a ghost.
    IF the writing keeps him true to character & doesn't change his character traits around to prop another, I'd take Bo back ANY amount of time PETER RECKELL is willing to give! It's a matter of quality over quantity to me (and, again, that goes with the writing)! A little dose of the REAL Bo Brady is worth a WHOLE lot more than anything they have going onscreen today IMO!


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