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    Originally posted by View Post
    I like Jenn better without Jack. I want her with Eric
    I like Eve
    I want Eve and Jen to be frenemies
    I loved Carly and RKK's Bo
    Rafe and Hope need to spit bring Bo (Peter Reckell) back for her
    Hope needs to get off the police force
    Roman needs a storyline
    I don't care about Chabby
    Love the chem between Leo and Sonny
    Not a Will or Sami fan
    Loved Carrie and Mike and want them to return together
    Have loved some others mentioned but your idea of splitting Hope & Rafe and bringing Bo (Peter Reckell) tops ALL! Wish they would & could appeal to him to return ANY amount of time he's willing to give - there's a huge void that'll NEVER be filled!


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      Originally posted by CHK DeWilson View Post
      1. I know I'll never like Ciara with Ben and think that she deserves better as a child of a legendary supercouple.

      2. I don't dislike Ben as a character like I use to when he first came back but I'll still be happy when he leaves Days whether that is with Ciara or not.

      3.I don't think that Days are writing a great or believable redemption SL for Ben.

      4. I would have no problem with Hope walking away or losing her job but I hope she never accepts Ciara with Ben.

      5. I hope that it comes to a point down the line that if Cin are to want to stay together as a couple they realise they can't do it in Salem, riding off into the sunset on her motor bike for pastures new.

      6. I hope that Claire and Tripp leave together as a couple as I like both characters.

      7. I still want Philip to return one day soon and hope it is when Chloe is also back.

      8. I would only be happy with Bo returning if it was because Days was ending and he and Hope was having a final happy ending with one another.

      9. I would be fine with WilSon leaving Days as a couple moving for new opportunities somewhere with Ari.

      10. I hope that Stefan is killed off permanently and there is a who dunnit murder mystery.

      11. I don't think that Eric should get together with Nicole upon her return unless they are given the chance to be in a proper relationship.

      12. I don't think they should change the paternity of Holly unless it is permanent that Eric will be her biological father.

      13. I hope that Leo is not John Black's biological son or any one from Salem biological son. And I would love that once Leo leaves he never ever returns.

      14. I hope that Marlena and John continue to be that strong couple that stays together despite any issues that come their way.

      15. I don't want Paul to come back because his character has been written too sweet, nice, forgiving and pretty much perfect that it makes him boring to watch.

      16. I think that once Xander comes back he can get Marlena to forgive him even though he nearly killed her!

      17. I hope it's sooner rather than later that J&J reunite with Eve well and truly out of the picture.

      18. I will continue to like Hope and will continue to like Rafe. Just not together as a couple.

      19. I won't have too much of a problem with ChaBby never returning to Days short term, long term or at all regardless of how long Days remains on screen as long as they stay together off screen.

      20. I'm not sure that any newer and current/popular couples will still be together in their relationships in a few years from now given the uncertainty of Days but also the actors staying on in the roles and possible recast happening with the characters.
      I totally agree with your first 5, (will never accept Bope's daughter with a serial killer); No. 8 (if Peter Reckell won't come back prior to that - Bope definitely need to go out together);, and No. 18 (Hope & Rafe aren't good as a romantic pair - forced together much too soon after Bo - should've remained devoted friends)!


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        Originally posted by looktothestars View Post
        Unpopular (well are they...)

        1. Don't care about Chabby. Happy to wave them goodbye
        2. Don't care how "well written" the storyline was Jack/Kayla interactions are gross
        3. Tripp had zero impact on the show. It's good he's going.
        4. Paul was overhyped and boring. The most interesting thing he did was fall out a window.
        5. Paulson was better than Horita
        6. I don't care that Ben is the necktie killer the more it bugs people the more I root for him.
        7. Sick of Hope
        8. Sami's return at Jarlena's wedding sparked one of the best weeks in a LONG time
        9. Gabi's revenge was understandable.
        10. I feel like Chabby's HEA is rushed and cheap if I still liked them I would have been mad
        11. I want Stefan and Gabi to get together - when the recast happens
        12. I want Stefan and Ben to develop a bros forever friendship
        I agree with all this so much, I had to quote it again!! But I will add that I’ll take Gabi in scenes with with Brandon Barash’s Stefan or Brady.
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          Won't miss the Chabby couple that has spent 98% of their time apart and are still considered a couple.
          Will miss NB and TC as I would love to watch them develop as the couple, Chloe and Steffan.
          Not a fan of Hope nor Rafe. Both are annoying and I wish they would take a long vacation.
          Do not care one iota for Will and Sonny and hate so much focus is placed on them.


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            1. I don't give a flying fig about Ben's SK past, because it's the past. I'm a here and now type person.
            2. Much as I love Cin, I'm a Ben fan first. Ciara doesn't really interest me outside of Cin.
            3. I don't mind Jordan coming back as a looney tune. Clyde screwed up both of them royally as kids, so it makes sense.
            4. I don't like or dislike Chabby. I'm sick of them more than anything. Can't wait until both are gone.
            5. I'm here for Gabi as a bitch. She's more entertaining this way.
            6. Hope was ruined during the Nighttime Hope debacle, and she's never really recovered.
            7. I don't mind Sarah.

            That's all I got for now.
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            • Elle23276
              Elle23276 commented
              Editing a comment
              Re #2.

              Great minds think alike. Enough said.

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            I still like Gabi much better then her brother Rafe.
            I also like Kate Mansi's Abby the best because I didn't get I'm a defenseless victim vibe from her Abby.
            Last edited by Skins 2008; February 9th, 2019, 04:17 PM.


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              I can't stand Leo and Rex
              I don't miss Patch
              I don't miss Paul but I did like him with Sonny
              I like Ben being a little batty but I can't get behind Cin
              I don't like Kate
              I don't care about Jack
              I don't like Rope


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                1. I do not like characters like Avbby and Carrie they are snakes in the grass I don't trust characters like that.
                2.I like grayish characters like old school "Patch" and Sami.,
                3. I like scary psycho villains like Cal Winters, old school Andre DiMera and Jordan Ridgeway.
                4.Always thought Clyde Weston or Jordan Ridgeway should have been the neck tie serial killer not Ben,Yes Jordan said she was going to NY but that could have been a lie and stayed in the part of Salem that none of the main characters go to.


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                  1. I preferred Horita over Wilson
                  2. Gabi was 110% justified in her revenge (although i dont think this opinion is actually "unpopular")
                  3. Hate Chabby/Abby/Chad
                  4. I like Sarah Horton and lately ive been seeing more chemistry with her and Eric
                  5. I love Claire
                  6. Hate Julie and if not for Doug I wouldve written her off years ago
                  7. Love Leo & his shenanigans
                  8. Hate Hope
                  Last edited by Flowercity79; February 10th, 2019, 07:12 PM.


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                    The guy who play Eric is so hot but so boring. I have been waiting for him to amp it up Does anyone have great scenes from him from the past.


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                      Originally posted by Flowercity79 View Post
                      1. I preferred Horita over Wilson
                      2. Gabi was 110% justified in her revenge (although i dont think this opinion is actually "unpopular")
                      3. Hate Chabby/Abby/Chad
                      4. I like Sarah Horton and lately ive been seeing more chemistry with her and Eric
                      5. I love Claire
                      6. Hate Julie and if not for Doug I wouldve written her off years ago
                      7. Love Leo & his shenanigans
                      8. Hate Hope
                      I am liking this! Now if Days spice things up, hell yeah.


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                        1, Jack is the scum of the Earth. He always was.

                        2. Daniel was one of the best characters in the history of Days.

                        3. Sarah is very likable.

                        4. Hope is getting a raw deal on these boards. Her behavior is perfectly understandable.

                        5. Clair is one of the most fun characters on the show.

                        6. Sami is really annoying.

                        7. Theresa, Jack, and Patch should all die together in a plane crash.

                        8. Kayla becomes simpering and weak when Patch is around. She is much stronger and more interesting when he is gone.

                        9. Jennifer and Jack have zero chemistry together. They never did. She had incredible chemistry with Daniel. She and the hot Dr. she's dated a couple of times have a lot of promise.


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                          Here is one.

                          1.Don't like when they say a character can't have another baby because of a traumatic event like Gabi did when she dot beat up because that means the character will have a "miracle" baby in the future. Say they might not be able to have a baby.


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