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  • Favorite Days Memory

    Coming home from high school to watch Kayla an Steve Make love. I still think its better than actual sex.

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    I wanted Carrie to know what a scum her half sister regarding Austin. Days did that twice. In late 90''s and in 2006. I was so eager to find out too what was EJ was going to do in 2007. And Daysaster too.


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      My favorite memory was when Bo rode up on his motorcycle at Hope's wedding grabbed her away and they rode off on his motorcycle. Right now I can't remember the grooms name.


      • PensFan
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        That just made me bust out into song: "Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods..."

      • camm
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        I have to agree with you guys. Having Howie pretend to be Hope was classic he lifts the veil and there is He. I didn't like Larry Welch he was a major creep. Having Bo ride off with Hope while hearing I Need A Hero fabulous. Amazing

        The only thing to top it was the wedding of Bo and Hope she was stunning and he was so handsome. Best couple
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      • SLW117
        SLW117 commented
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        My favorite also! I still hope they bring Bo back.

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      Steve and Kayla's first kiss. That the apex for me. It was so darn perfect.


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        My favorite memory is Chad bursting in those cabin doors and saving Abby's life just before Ben shot her. How he pleaded with Ben and begged him to take his life in exchange for Abby and Thomas's freedom. That he would die for her.

        And when he carried her out of the fire and then brought her son back to her.

        How his love was so steadfast and enduring. How Abby dreamed of him coming to her and she knew in her heart that this man would risk any and everything, even a blizzard and a serial killer to keep her and her son safe. That Chad did all he could for Thomas and planned to raise him before knowing that was his son.

        And then the aftermath... the iconic milkshake date and the story of Chad the Whaler and Princess Abby of Antarctica.

        I watched Days for decades and this is the one story I watch over and over and over!


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          I have to go with Chad and Abby having sex in the DiMera garden. Those scenes to me showed just how much Chad was her weakness. (And still is) All the different emotions Abby showed was something to see; fear, confusion, excitement, and temptation. No matter how much she tried to fight her feelings for this man she just couldn't do it. lol


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            Jan keeping Shawn in a cage! Everything EJ, except with him and Nicole sex scenes. Steve and Kayla on the roof! Jan and Nicole’s friendship! Nicole causing Chloe to have a flesheating virus! Mimi and Shawn being married! Sami against Lexis for Brandon! Lexis and Rex(I think that was his name his name) cheating! Abe blindness! Loved Celeste! Marlena turning into a panther!Alice giving advice! Bonnie with Mickey! Shawn and Willow! Eve, Shawn and Kim! Kim thinking she was pregnant for Stefano! Caroline revealing Victor as Bo’s father. So so many memories. Marlena killing all those people. Abby liking Max, Abby getting sick, Stephnie and Chelse and that girl from the South accidentally killing that frat so many...okay my favorite memory...

            Abby and EJ after shower scene. EJ was teasing Abby; and Abby saying that I know I should be sorry, but I am not.


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              I have so so so so ssooooooo many favorite DAYS memories, but if I had to narrow it down to one, it would have to be John finding Marlena on the pier after thinking she was dead for years. I still get goosebumps when I watch it. Deirdre Hall’s return to Days was a BIG DEAL. We had teaser commercials for weeks. When she finally returned we’d get only tiny snippets of her during the last few seconds of episodes. There was a big buildup to Marlena & John finally seeing eachother, and when they finally did, it was beautiful.

              other favorites (not in any order)
              Steve & Kayla’s wedding when she could finally speak again
              Jack & Jennifer’s wedding
              Vivian burying Carly alive
              every Bo & Hope reunion, wedding, flashback
              THe romance of Kimberly & Shane
              Every time John saved Marlena from Stefano
              Julie calling Gabi a mendacious little bitch and slapping her
              Doug singing to Julie
              The entire cruise of deception
              The hanging of the Horton balls
              The song “Always”
              Carrie punching Sami
              Susan’s teeth flying across the room during her wedding to John

              I’m sure after I post this I’ll think of a million more.
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                Whew, i agree Carley.....John and Marlena on the pier is one of the most memorable scenes ever for me!! Another is Bo taking Hope from the wedding on the motorcycle and their scenes in New Orleans. I also liked Jack and Jen getting together and their wedding. Also Chad's "you consume me speech" to Abby, their love in the garden, and this years scenes when baby Charlotte was born....what a perfect episode!


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                  I liked the bachelor/bachelorette parties for Bo and Hope in 2000; the trip to the church with Hope, Julie and Jennifer, which was funny, the wedding
                  and vows and the reception. They had already been married, right before Zack was born, but again in front of family and friends. There was a lot
                  to it all.


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                    Steve rescuing and taking care of Kayla after she was poisoned by Harper


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                      Lots of memories, but the stand-out for me was Marlena re-appearing on the pier to Roman/John.

                      I also loved much of Stefano chewing the scene. Even ones like back when Roman/John was with Diana, and Stefano taunted with a Marlena photo, saying she was alive. "Choose, RRRRRoman Brady, choose!". LOL - So corny, but so watchable.


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                        I remember that scene well.

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                      Vivian burying Carly alive.
                      That time Carrie slapped Sami at the wedding when Will's paternity was revealed....I had to keep rewatching that scene.


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                        *Jack and Jennifer's beginning love story and the first time they made love.
                        *Mike and Carrie's romance.
                        *Chad and Abby. Their DiMera garden making love. Then carrying her up to the bedroom. Talk about romantic passion.
                        *Chad's made up fairytale to comfort her of Chad the Whaler and how he held her in his arms.*sigh*
                        *Chad saving Abby from the burning cabin and rescuing Thomas
                        *Their first wedding
                        *His speech right before she was hit by the car. "You consume me" was just a melt me moment!
                        *Their second wedding. Marci and Billy's chemistry was on full display by then and had won me over!
                        *The Charlotte birthing scenes were pure Billy and Marci gold!


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                          The reveal of Kate being Austin and Billie's mother
                          Sami confronting Abby over her affair with EJ
                          Steve and Kayla's boat wedding
                          Craig finding out that he was Chloe's father
                          Abby's birth
                          Jack and Jenn's wedding
                          Marlena admitting her affair with John at Belle's christening
                          Marlena's possession
                          Carrie slapping Sami at the church/Will's paternity reveal
                          Jack finding out that he's Billy Johnson
                          Belle and Shawn dancing to "More Than a Woman"
                          Jack and Jenn's first time

                          And so many more


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