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Two Scoops for Week of 1/14: Snap out of it!


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  • mahdi
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Mar 2004
    • 26878

    ARTICLE: Two Scoops for Week of 1/14: Snap out of it!

    Is Ciara overreacting? Is Hope abusing her power? And does D.A. Trask make both of them look levelheaded and calm? Let's discuss all the tantrums and treats in this week's Two Scoops.


    Wow! There is so much hypocrisy and out-of-character or over-the-top things being said and done in Salem these days that some of it escaped my notice! LOL! But, not to worry, Laurisa pointed it all out! Thank you Laurisa!
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  • Abby_fan
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Jun 2015
    • 10832

    Nice Teo scoops. Agree with most of it!


    • tiff5555
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Jul 2007
      • 61573

      I loved what Laurisa said about Abby and Ciara scene, lol. Abby is not qualified to discuss Ben to Ciara...and she should know better that she has the same thing like him. I guess Days is holding out that Abby is better in mental health than Ben.

      Chad wanting Abby back...I guess to all, it's a heaven treat for the fans. I think I am over them because I want others to shine more...like XEO! Leo meeting Xander, very scorching hot! They may be the best thing after HORITA!

      I am glad we get to see, Trask story.

      Jack and Jen...I think they will drive the major story for 2019.

      And yes to the 55th Season!


      • CallAboutTheCat
        Soap Addict
        • Sep 2015
        • 6599

        Hmm. I agree with some of it, but this??

        "Chad's grand gesture of the dinner and the job offer to Eve ranks up there with one of the most romantic I can remember. He's fascinating to me. I have to wonder how a kid who grew up with little to no love in his home can have such a knack for being a rock of support for someone. He's just a good dude."

        A rock of support? A ROCK OF SUPPORT?! Was he a rock of support when he spent months of last year unable to tell his wife was being controlled by another personality? When he left Abigail pregnant and started hanging out with Gabi? When he believed Abigail was sick again without even having lived in the same house with her for three months? When he wouldn't listen to Abigail's theory about how Gabi and Kate were setting her up -- even when she had solid evidence in the fact that Kate was lying in the living room drugged? When he kidnapped her and dragged her to an island, heavily pregnant, without a plan for what to do next? When he thought his only possible course of action was to betray her and take her newborn out of her arms to have her put in a mental hospital hours after giving birth? When he could barely look her in the eyes but kept muttering to her about how she was getting "the help she needed"? When he decided to move in to Gabi's house with their kids, even after Abigail swore Gabi was setting her up?

        Snap out of it, Laurisa!
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        • Beca Drags
          Aspiring soap scribe
          • Apr 2005
          • 27183

          I love it! Laurisa sees the true Chad! He is a good dude! Sure he messes up, but he does his best to own up to things and make up for things he's done.


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